Axis of Armorvors

A very small restock of Armorvors have been added to the store!

Please limit one of each per order. Thank you!


  1. Awesome!! Thanks so much! I missed out on these (except for the purple extra heads/wing pack) the first time around. YAAAAAAY.

  2. I got one. thanks to a post on facebook

  3. what the heck missed again I dont have any luck at all

  4. Kugarrec? More like Kugarr-GET!! :D

  5. This animation is so damn awesome Marcus. I know with fatherhood and the band you're too busy to whip up a new Passcode, but I can dream endlessly about how awesome a Duke Nukem style first person shooter would be with these new Vors! Maybe a Kickstarter or a store drop item with an exclusive figure and funds that go directly to the cost of development would allow for something like this? I know I'm dreaming...

  6. As someone who grew up as a huge fan of BattleBeasts, and was sadly disappointed with their relaunch, I really appreciate these Armorvors (and y'all). Thanks to the recent post you guys made, I've put in an order or two from the other sites mentioned, as well.

    I have the second armorvors made (the black and space-green along with the translucent), but missed out on the initial figure (I guess I'll have to jump on it via the secdonday market if I want it). However, the two armorvors that I do have are some of my favourite non-1:12 scale figs.

    I'm kind of out of the loop, though, as I kind of forgot about these little dudes (and dudettes?) for a while. I'm back now and checking the blog every day!

    Thanks for all you do. Really glad you guys are still making these awesome figures!