The Sincroborg Archive

High above the floating fortress known as the Sincroborg Archive, a winged Halkenn seeks counsel from the fugitive Wyverillian of Dreadvalken Keep.
Against the clock and in search of the secret to controlling the parasitic bio-force now rising within Halkenn, the duo cautiously travel into the impossibly endless depths of the gravity defying structure, silently guided by the Archive's mysterious mechanical golem, the Curator.


  1. Looks we might be seeing a reverse of the Fossilzor for the Wyverillian? Is that a Renegade Phaseon sentry I spy? Ralph, I want to live in this painting! And what's this about a Mechanical golem, Gobon or Mecha Gobon perhchance?

  2. Now have him say, "Gordon's Alive?"

    (The art is awesome, but all I can see is Flash Gordon now.)

  3. Dang Ralph, such great work, tells such a story and looks like an old metal album cover.🤘