The Circle of Chaos

Thanks to a hidden series of coordinates revealed within the Sincroborg Archive, the quest to locate the parasitic bio-force cure leads Halkenn to the distant and spectral walls of Castle Dracuden and the legendary Circle of Chaos.

Existing inside the black shadow of an unhinged reality, Castle Dracuden calls out to the darkest of beings, beckoning them to spend eternity within its infernal paradise, passage only granted by the willing damnation of one's own soul.

Outnumbered and facing the combined legion of Count Dracuden and his accursed Demorran Army, the abomination known as Pheydenstein, and the menacing Hallowden Pheyaos, Halkenn unleashes the true parasitic bio-force dwelling beneath his armor in one last ditch effort to destroy the Circle of Chaos and all its nightmarish followers,  forever.

Special thanks to our long time friend and all around amazing musician, Glen Schricker, aka Circuits and Brains, for setting the sinister mood with his new original composition! Click the play button above!


  1. YES! Hallowden Pheyaos! I was hoping that'd be the colorscheme.

    Looks like we might get a special contained build or two in the upcoming previews too?

  2. Wow!! I'm loving the colors on Zombie Halkenn. Will we be seeing an assortment of parts in his colors?

    1. I should also mention just how much I adore that Pheyden-like formation in the back. The shading and shapes of it remind me a lot of those spooky illustrations in children's paranormal books. I remember being petrified by some of those as a kid, so it's a very good vibe to have for a spooky drop.

  3. WOW!! This track brings the story and Ralph's artwork to life.
    We got music we got glyos lore we got artwork all we need now is dare I say a little passcode!!??
    Imagine a pixelated halkenn combing through the depths of castle dracuden!!

  4. I'd love a print of this. Amazing.

  5. I had a hunch there would be more Universal Monsters to go with last year's Mummy! Excellent!

  6. Oh I am going to go broke tonight. There goes all the money from my Canne'tricker and Specter Rokk'pot sales LOL!

  7. This needs to be on a T-shirt, especially Halkenn and the evil Pheyden idol. That would be sick!