Thank You!!!

Thank you for a truly excellent end of the year rollout! It's always a little hectic releasing a new wave in December, but the holiday madness seemed to kick things into overdrive, as we saw a record number of folks checking things out over the span of the last week. Once again, we owe the Crafsman a continued debt of gratitude for the influx of all the new faces. This has been the first wave that we were able to really juice up the production numbers to try and match the altered flow. So far the general supply and demand has lined up pretty well, barring just a couple selections.

Bringing back the Venjorun wolf head was a big one for us, and thanks to the continued work of the incredible Jason Frailey, the end result really seemed to hit the bullseye. Jason's natural abilities are so off the charts that I'm perpetually amazed by what he can do, and he's such a tremendously intelligent and kind person to boot! Thank you once again, Jason!

Extra special thanks to our brother Ralph, for delivering brand new supercharged artwork all throughout 2019 (with one more beauty squeezed in above). With each month's release, Marc, Michelle and I are like kids waiting for Christmas in anticipation of Ralph's new illustrations. Ralphus, thank you for making all these waves infinitely cooler and "complete" through your outstanding art!

As of this writing all orders, including all internationals, have hit the post and are on their way to you guys (except a handful that came in late yesterday/today). With the significant increase in orders it's been taking us a couple extra days to process everything, hence the slight lag in our usual speed. Michelle pushed it harder than ever and is absolutely the unsung hero when it comes to getting all this stuff out the door. Triple Peej came down for a massive assist and had the Paper Palace running in full effect! We mostly had The Mandalorian (we're obsessed) running on loop in the background, though some Dire Straits did sneak in near the end of the packing frenzy.

Wrapping up, we'll be diving into 2020 with a new assortment for late January, featuring a couple twists on some crossover action. Should be a fun way to get things rolling!

It was one of our best years yet, thanks 1000% to each and every one of you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the whole family!


  1. Such a strong end to an amazing year of production! (Then again, I might be biased because we finally got production Renegades this year. Still stoked about that.) The whole team nailed it, and with any luck, it's only a taste of what's to come in 2020.

    Thanks for hustling to get things out the door as fast as you could, and though things might always be a little hazy over the horizon, know that all this success is well deserved.

    Now go have yourself some time to rest up, and enjoy the holidays with the fam!

    (And maybe watch some more of The Mandalorian, because that is pure fire.)

  2. Excellent work as always: I'm sure it's been more than a little hectic for you all over there keeping up with all the new folks, but know that your work is seen and appreciated, Onell crew. Thank you for an amazing year, Merry Christmas, and get some rest! You all deserve it. ^__^

  3. I'm one of them new faces from Crafsman. I'm not really an action figure guy, or even a toy collector, but I just really like the look of your figures and I can't wait to get them. I love the modular design and creative use of parts for endless customization.

    1. :D Eric, I hope you enjoy these figures as much as I do!

  4. Crazy to think Glyos has spanned two different decades so far, I'm here for the long haul and will love to see how far it can go.

    We're also obsessed with the Mandalorian over here too. I only remember Jedi growing up (wasn't born for New Hope and was 6 months old when Empire came out) so Star Wars was never as huge of a part of my childhood as it was for you guys. I totally enjoy the films but this show is astounding and I really love getting a Star Wars thing to really enjoy. Haven't seen Rise of Skywalker yet but we can't wait for Chapter 8 to drop on Friday.

  5. So many figures in this release were stand-outs to me. Normally (I say 'normally', but this was only my second release. LOL!) I would set my sights on Armorvors and Armorvor heads, but there was SO much more to consider! I commend you guys for the effort that goes into this. I'm so impressed by y'all.

  6. A nice lineup to be sure. Technical question time: is it possible, or even desirable, to attempt coinjection with these figures? Maybe the results wouldn't pass muster, but the thought of a gobon, or a Pheyaos, with melded colors seems intriguing.

  7. Good thing I got a Christmas bonus from work because I couldn't stop myself from going back for more more than once!

  8. It's so great to see that success is still high. I have mailed you about an issue with shipping to France but my message could have been lost due to the high activity.

  9. Been a fan of Crafsman for a while. The man is an absolute treasure and I'm glad he was able to spread even more Glyos awareness.