The Jagged Age

The exciting and ever-expanding Toy Pizza universe once again returns to the Jagged Age, with just the right amount of madness and a brand new Card Slicer expansion deck! 

Prolific as always, our brother and creative architect of all things Knights of the Slice and Toy Pizza, Jesse DeStasio, began his foray into the world of Card Slicers last year and has steadily constructed yet another fresh new way to enjoy the unpredictably magnetic worlds of his now classic characters. With his new Kickstarter project, The Jagged Age: Fantasy Card Combat, Jesse shifts gears to travel back to the land of Nosvera and the latest adventures of relic hunter, Crae Drake. 

Though I've never personally been much of card "player" outside of UNO (thanks to many visits with my maternal grandmother growing up), I still always liked the imagery that was the foundation of any major card system. Starting with old Star Wars and Pac Man card sets back in the late 70s and early 80s, the genre reached its true crescendo for me with Digimon in the early aughts. Even though I never played the Digimon card "game", I was crazy about hunting down the different characters simply to see the artwork. It was a quick, cheap and easy way to explore a pretty vast range of exotic designs with the hope of discovering a hidden treasure buried within any given pull. The original "blind bag" DNA, dating all the way back to the baseball card packs that our fathers would stick in their bike tires while riding down dirt roads to go pick off metal army men with their BB guns. In many ways, the collectible card is a true American classic that went on to influence creators from around the world. 

Fast forward to Jesse D's Card Slicers. Partially due to the pandemic born difficulties that the last few years of action figure manufacturing overseas has brought on, Jesse decided to pivot and not let fate alone decide the future of his ventures. To this end, he constructed, through an ongoing process of trial and error, his own tabletop card game system called Card Slicers. Quite the endeavor to see through, but one that Jesse has proven more than capable of pulling off.   

In support of his Jagged Age expansion, Marcus (who is a legit tabletop gamer and enthusiast) and I have created a few special cards to add to Jesse's campaign, featuring our resident Dungeon Traveler, Skeleden. Of note, Skeleden was actually born through the old Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter campaign, so this marks his second appearance on the platform (with another one coming later this year). We thought it appropriate to send Skeleden into the Jagged Age to assist Crae Drake and maybe finally give Hob a hand. 

Even if you're not into playing the game itself, you can still catch some really amazing artwork that Jesse has assembled for the card set. It's like an entire figure assortment that you can fit right into your pocket, packed with great art, imagination and originality. 

The Jagged Age Kickstarter
(ends tonight!)


  1. Good Morning Sits!!
    I have liked this card game very much. I have won the local Card Slicer Poker tournament this very morning, with my children now being very, very upset about losing their pockets of money. I have also created my own card with an image of me riding dirty on my moped! Here are the stat values I have awarded myself:
    STR (Steamer): I am very proficient in steamer creation = 6.
    INT (Interception): I have tried to intercept the handegg, during local football games, but have now been banned from being within a 1 mile radius of the local sports field = 0.
    CHA (Tea) : I like the flavor of nuts! = 5
    DEX (Sulfate of Dextroamphetamine) : I have run out of this now and have switched to whisky fueled weekends.
    HRT (Hampton Road Transit) : I have looked at their site and noted very much 'Never a dull day!'. = 3
    Thank you very much for the inspiration Mr Matt! I wish you a very good morning!

  2. I would definitely buy more Glyos cards if you guys made them. I have a couple of the wax packs you guys did a while back and would love it if you made more trading cards.