Yukihiro Takahashi (1952 - 2023)

Quick post to honor the late, great Yukihiro Takahashi. Yellow Magic Orchestra has been the go-to soundtrack for countless late night sessions at Onell HQ dating back to Wave 1. For a few years Matt and I had our own band, Indoor Recess, where we would play YMO-esque improv jams every week (shame we never recorded anything, but maybe for the best). The combined synth wizardry and iconic melodies of YMO have provided endless inspiration.

Takahashi brought a warm pulse and steady heartbeat to the best electronic trio in music, and his solo work stands just as tall. His recently reissued debut LP is "the missing link between the City Pop scene of the late 70s and the synth sound of YMO which was about to revolutionize the world" (via We Want Sounds). Highly recommend checking out / revisiting the self-titled debut, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Solid State Survivor, plus Takahashi's Murdered by the Music, Neuromantic, and What, Me Worry? or just work your way through their collective catalogs. RIP to a true master.


  1. It wasn't until I heard Todd Terje's version of Firecracker 5 or 6 years ago that I gave YMO a good listen but Solid State Survivor became an album I'd often bounce around the house to. I think Behind the Mask does what lots of great songs do in turning somber lyrics into something you can't stop your shoulders moving to.

  2. Indoor Recess is a killer band name and YMO rules!