Manglors from Toyfinity!!!

Head over to Toyfinity.com tonight, January 29th at 9:30PM EST for the debut of the reimagined classic Manglors figure line! 

First released 40 years ago by the Ideal Toy Company, the original Manglors were "made of the strangest stuff on earth" and promised kids across the country an action figure that you could "tear apart and stick back together again". Suffice to say, the stuff that they were made of turned out to be less than cooperative once you attempted to "mangle your action alien figure" into new forms. Even the incredible artwork by the legendary Ken Kelly on the boxes couldn't hide the fact that the figures simply didn't work. 

After being notoriously maligned by parent groups of the 80s for failing to deliver on the basic tagline of their property, Ideal put the Manglors back in their eggs after just a couple years at retail, marching forward instead with their all new Robo Force rollout.

Thanks to Toyfinity, Manglors finally gets another chance to shine! Now fully Glyos compatible and redeveloped behind the scenes for over 10 years, Manglors emerges from the Toyfinity family of regenerated Ideal properties, finally ready to deliver on that 40-year-old promise to "create your own creatures"! 

We'll dive more into the Manglors in the months to come, including some behind the scenes action.

Massive congratulations to John Kent and Toyfinity! Long live the new Manglors!


  1. Wow, what a welcome addition to the 2023 line up of Glyos monsters! I couldn't help noticing there's some subtle similarities between Manglosaurian Warrior DX with those bulky Kaisyriax shoulders and your early Voss figures. Was that intentional, or perhaps just something that comes from the DNA of your sculpting?

  2. The Glyoverse: where cool stuff from years ago remains cool and helps propel/build the new cool stuff into even newer and cooler stuff.

  3. I regret missing out on Manglord. I hope they re-release him eventually.

    1. Manglord Standard along with a new Protolord and matching Mordles set are up for pre-order right now until Feb. 10th so make sure to check it out if you missed him the first time.