SeNsational Stickers!

Years ago, I was lucky enough to meet the extraordinary artist known as Sen during a convention out west. After talking for a spell, Sen presented a short comic/manga featuring some Glyos characters that really knocked my socks off. From that moment on, I hoped that one day the rest of the world would get to see not only that short comic, but possibly a lot more of Sen's take on the oddballs that populate Glyos on the whole. 

Since last year that hope has turned into reality, with Sen producing a number of wicked illustrations that have accompanied our releases. But at the same time, in the background, they'd been working on another really killer project that's finally ready to rollout!

Head over to Sen's Hellomugicha Etsy Shop to discover not only their excellent (and official) SD holo sticker versions of many familiar Glyos characters (presented in the classic Bikkuriman style), but also a large variety of other amazing stickers showcasing Sen's awesome range of talent! 

We've truly loved working with Sen over the last year and look forward to the extraordinary artwork they have on the horizon! 

Thanks Sen!


  1. My favorite is the Matt Doughty sticker. (Not pictured above) Those look fantastic. Acro Pheyden

  2. wow love it! reminds me of the GLyos vibes when it was first launched back in 07.