Thank You!!!

Huge thanks for supporting the return of the EMD in all its intense orange madness! You've all kept Michelle and I very busy over the last couple of weeks, and we are supremely grateful for that!

Revisiting familiar color combinations is something we enjoy doing around here, but certain older waves specifically represent the times when this project ventured into uncharted territory, such as the original EMD assortment. 

Not only did Wave 19 mark the beginning of what would be a loaded 2012, but it also ushered in the advent of the vinyl "Core Block". The memory of cracking open the first cases of the Blocks and realizing that I could legitimately build actual towers and sprawling structures is still very clear. We even tried playing a bizarro game of reverse Jenga when the first shipment arrived, seeing just how high we could stack the Block structures (multiple citadels right to the ceiling). It was a unique and different way to explore building and I'm happy we had the chance to do it. Our latest iteration of the EMD pays tribute to those days with the featured crossover builds.

Michelle and I tackled the processing and shipping as quickly as we could, though the rate of orders was a little steadier than usual, hence the lateness of this post. We finally managed to catch up over the weekend and are now in the pocket as far as pacing goes. I spent most of the barn time listening to classic tunes from the 70s (ELO, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel -yes, I am old), episodes of Galaxy Rangers and some episodes of the 2004 Astro Boy (some of the best animation of its time). One particular 12-hour packing and taping stint was supercharged by these glorious pieces of entertainment. As of this writing, everything has hit the post.

Looking ahead, we are shooting for a late June/early July Wave 98, which will also serve as our 16th anniversary assortment. Hopefully you'll enjoy what we have on deck for it.  

To say we are thankful for the dedication that each of you continues to bring to the equation doesn't remotely cover how we feel. It's a state of perpetual gratitude that will last long after this all ends. 

As always, we'll give it everything we've got to try and keep the project as interesting, unexpected and most of all fun, as possible.

Special thanks to SeN for the wicked illustration shown above! We love it!


  1. Beautiful artwork for amazing toys! Thanks to you and Michelle, and everyone on the Onell Mothership. I wish that I had been onboard for the Core Blocks, but I was elsewhere in 2012. I enjoy them vicariously through the great pics that longtime collectors share. Thanks once again, and looking forward to Waves 98, 99, 100....
    oh, and ELO's Time album- it just doesn't get better than that.

  2. Thank y'all for all you do! Wasn't in the glyosoverse when the first EMD dropped, so this was a treat. Absolutely LOVE the Manglor and Kaisyriax too, they wear that green so damn well, it looks fantastic in-hand. Looking forward the anniversary wave. Y'all take care and keep doing what you do!

  3. Thanks for everything. Those vinyl-heavy days were amazing.