Sea of Daggers

Our deck mate on the high seas, Jesse DeStasio, has been running a very special fundraiser called the Sea of Daggers, which wraps up today. The core of the project focuses on one of Jesse's favorite childhood characters, Crae Drake. Those of you who have been following Jesse and his Knights of the Slice series over the last 8 years will no doubt be familiar with Crae, but this latest iteration combines the "Diskman" concept of enhanced Glyos compatible articulation that we used for the Gauss Armor project. Once again the Four Horsemen have granted us the use of the disc system so we can push Crae and his crew of characters into more poseable possibilities. 

As an added and deeply connected bonus, Jesse and I have integrated an old character form my pre-Glyos days of creating, which happened to line up very well with the expanding world that is the Sea of Daggers. "The Naval Deep" served as the primary antagonists for an old story I created called Cly Nonan, back in the mid 90s. Cly, much like Crae, was an explorer and solitary orphan, raised by hardened warriors to survive in a dangerous and mysterious world on the high seas. Both of our characters end up meeting "sidekick" nonhuman creatures that then accompany them on their many journeys. The similarities are downright uncanny. Of course, Crae looks a lot like Jesse D, while Cly looks mostly the opposite, being clean shaven, tan and blond. 

The Naval Deep surface as primary adversaries for Cly, as it is eventually revealed that an old war with them claimed the lives of Cly's parents. I spent many years working on the Cly Nonan story, spanning three stages of his life, with his final bonus appearance being in Rechlen and Aves, as an old man protecting his sidekicks from the misguided Space Trappers themselves. I never thought anything from Cly Nonan would make it into the modern Glyos universe, but thanks to Jesse D's campaign and some incredible support, something has.

Please go check out Jesse D's fundraising project and support what you can. Thank you to everybody that has already taken the plunge and made Crae and the Naval Deep possible, as it's an unexpected dream come true.


  1. I sware to God we need to get you on a weekly or more likely monthly podcast where we just give you a camera, a microphone and just let you talk Glyos lore and prehistory.

    I would watch the shit out of that. Hell the last live stream you and Jesse did I had on at my desk while I was sewing up some new plushies, so it definitely helps.

    I dabbeld a little bit in the pirate theme in my old Creature World stories on Slauria, there was a Cretoid pirate named Captain Ang'garr and he had a cybernetic implant installed that would increase his strength when he got angry. I actually used him as a way to bring some much older Non Creature World characters into that universe by having them crash land on Slauria, get amnesia and joined his crew.

    I'm excited for the Sea of Daggers figures to come out, nothing wrong with Pirates!

  2. Your post was excellent, keep it up!