Kydrothi Edgebreaker Unleashed

The Intruders are in actuality the equivalent of what a Traveler is and represents, but they herald from two "older" and completely different "Systems" that exist Beyond the Edge of Space. They have been summoned from their mother systems by the Elder Masters to come to the Glyos System and regain control. 
The Elder Masters are near omnipotent in their scope and their vision, but cannot physically gain entry into the worlds that they create themselves. Therefore, their bidding is carried out by the "First Children", which began with the Kydrothi, the Waellex and the youngest of the trio, the Delphi. Each race was sent to a newborn system, charged with guiding and manipulating the lifeforms of each separate system according to the plans of the Elder Masters. 
Only the Delphi dared to eventually rise against the harsh reign of the Elder Masters, rebelling when their own "children", the Armorvor, were ordered destroyed by the Elder Masters. Through the intermittent and unexplained appearance of the dimension bending Zorennor Rift, the Delphi found a way to hide their Armorvor from the vision of the Elder Masters, who somehow could not see into the Rift itself. 
To replace the Delphi after their rebellion, the Elder Masters created the Traveler, a less powerful but more controllable race of beings than the three races of the First Children. Even though the Traveler race was intentionally designed to obey more easily than their predecessors, they began to also awaken to the cruelty of the Elder Masters, thanks to the intervention of the Delphi, who had become more powerful while within the Zorennor Rift, gaining a new mastery of time space through the use of forgotten Dimension Gate technology. 


  1. So much love must have been put into the details on that head. Gorgeous sculpting, I’m quite fond of it, feels like a nice companion piece to the Kysyriax parts!- Witchwitchwitch

    1. Also does this gray match the standard Pheyaos? -Wx3

  2. This figure looks absolutely phenomenal. Cannot believe the story developments here… Write a book one of these days, Matt. I will be all in.

  3. It's the cookie! How awesome. Congrats on wave 100!!

  4. Loving the nod to the OG founders wave with phase, standard pheyden, reverse exellis & a little peppering of naspoth. I'm definitely All In on this Wave. RIP Ralph!!!

  5. Oh my GODS, that sculpt is amazing, and the lore is absolutely awesome! We finally meet the Delphi's mysterious masters and get new context on the Travelers, love it!

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  7. first of all that head is super cool, second, holy smokes, that is massive lore drop. So these guys work for the original creators of the glyos system, the deplhi and the traveler race, and them and the delphi where three species they made to watch over the 3 systems they created, but the delphi realized they were tyrants and rebelled against them for trying to kill the armovor, which was another reason the delphi trapped them in zorrenor, then they tried again with the travels only for the delphi to thwart their efforts again, so now they a finally sending in their other systems commanding species to retake control, I sense a new war is coming....