Sincro Phase Pheyden

Drifting in a fixed pattern near the mysterious Edge of Space aboard their hybrid Biovessel, Sincro Phase Pheyden and his small but dedicated crew work tirelessly to unlock the secrets of controlling the dangerous Villser Virus contagion. 
To maintain mastery over his own compromised form due to being exposed to the virus long ago, Sincro Phase Pheyden utilizes a combination of Traveler, Axis and Sincroborg technology to suppress its mutational effects, bolstered by a synaptic Echolink to a young Sincrodrone known as Eidymos.
By operating in an artificial environment designed to simulate the cold plains of the Planet Nemica, the experiments taking place within the Biovessel maintain an intense level of security, remaining far from the populated and vulnerable sectors scattered across the Glyos System.


  1. That is awesome… for some reason makes me think of green apple pie a la mode. -Acro

  2. Always appreciate a good helping of lore to go with a new Traveler, and especially so when there's extra flavor to the build.

    Is this a full kit of Sincro Phase Pheyden + Axis Joint set + the Sinco bandolier and Arm Phaser?

  3. really cool to see Phase Pheyden return, also always cool to get new lore