The Zulloid

Furthering their bold pursuit of engineering the most deadly organism in the known systems, the Zullen turned their attention to crossbreeding elements of the captured lifeform known as Kaisyriax with their own already diverse DNA. While the initial results of Project Zulloid were considered uncontrollable abominations like the Zullbeast, success was finally achieved with the discovery and integration of additional genetic material recovered from an ancient derelict craft known as the Atarikoth Comet. 

Now, rising from their Mutagenic Multra Tanks and radioactively supercharged, the Zulloid begin their campaign to become the ultimate apex predator of all creation.  


  1. Ohohoho that is a wicked sculpt and some great lore, looking forward to seeing it in full 👀

  2. I need a Diversus colorway right now.

    1. Also since I'm here, did the Bendirions have any influence here given the OSM influence of that project like how the Zullen are connected to early Armorvor concepts?