Zullen: A Reintroduction -The Xarrgrey

The Zullen are a collective of alien races that have become obsessed over time with discovering, manipulating, claiming and then perfecting advanced foreign technology. Throughout millennia the Zullen surveyed countless worlds, establishing clandestine outposts to monitor the evolutionary progress of potentially useful species, then strategically meddling with their natural order to create more desirable results from these "experiments".  Many civilizations owe their true destruction to the Zullen, with their greatest resources and advanced science eventually being stolen by the Zullen's Imperial Regent.

Overseeing the Zullen are the Xarrgrey, gene splicing experts that re-engineer and integrate "returned" technology into the Zullen "Cortex Immortal" to foster new innovations for their collective to build upon. They were the first race that established the Zullen and continue to operate in a leadership capacity. 

Almost all of the genetic experiments within the Zullen collective are carried out by the Zullen Xarrgrey, with two of the most notable being the abomination known as the Zullbeast and the hybrid super organism called the Zulloid, both of which represent physical manifestations of all the atrocities committed by the Zullen against the known universe. These horrific creatures are often used to "purify" undesired results stemming from failed Zullen world manipulations.

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