Zullen: A Reintroduction - The Clyrathan

The Zullen Clyrathan are a psychically hyper powered race with unique clairvoyant abilities. They are tasked with reading the "Directional Fate" of civilizations that are selected for experimentation by the Zullen collective, taking any necessary action to guarantee that their clandestine operations are not compromised. These usually nefarious plans are commonly imposed through psychic espionage, mind manipulation and remote telekinetic activities. 

In many ways, the Zullen Clyrathan serve as the "Psychic Navigators" of the Zullen collective, charting the courses of entire planetary generations just so the Zullen can feed off the resulting advancement or destruction of each targeted society.

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  1. Part Navigator and part prescient, this lore is giving me Dune vibes! -Wx3