Thank You!!!

Thanks to all of you for bringing us through to the other side once again! My apologies for the hiccups on drop night. There were a lot of angles to cover and Marcus and I were like crazy men over here. In the end it turned out to be pretty fun, after the tears of course. Ha! 

The Armorvors will be back in September. A small launch is planned, with only the Armodoc representing the vinyl side of things (and that may get bumped). The September release will consist of an all black PVC wave, with some painted accents and tampos. There will also be some GITD restock on some items as well.  Two styles of Armorvors should be available, with a higher volume of each. This first surprise launch took things right to the wire at the factory, so that was part of the "under wraps" reasoning. A ton of time has been poured into bringing this new part of the Glyos family into production, and I didn't want to let anybody down after all the beautiful and talented work Marty, Jason and Nate have put into this project. We all worked together to bring this beast to life, and I want to honor that with something that will last.

I've been reviewing the past 5 years quite a bit recently, even more more than usual (which is still a lot), and I continue to be astonished by how lucky we have been. To try and explain the way things string together, by chance and occasionally as planned, is nearly impossible without sounding like a made up tale.
I truly am surprised each time we make it through to another round, as I know how tight capital has become. The fact that each of you throws down every time we do this is beyond anything I could have imagined.
We without a doubt  have the brightest and most dedicated group of people supporting what we do, in each one of you out there.

Thank you so much for bringing this to the 5 year mark. Our small crew will remain focused on pushing the boundaries and hopefully making it half interesting as we attempt to keep Glyos something worth being part of.

This creation belongs to all of us, as we did this together. Right from the beginning and right until the end.



  1. And thank you guys for making the great toys!

  2. We are here because of you, Michelle, Marcus, Jesse & the rest of the Onell crew. It was your original figures & storyline, your care & quality control that keeps us coming back.

    Thanks again. Now, what will the next 5 years bring ?

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  4. So a typo really irked me in my previous comment.. So I removed it.

    Anyway! We're all here cause you guys are so friggin' awesome! This is the single most impressive line of toys I've come across, and they've quickly surpassed everything else to become my favorite! Having such a caring and dedicated crew behind it all just makes it that much easier to plunk down cash come drop-night!

    Also, the return of the Armorvor is stupendous news! Still bummed I missed out on that beautiful red colorway, but any Armorvor is a good Armorvor!

    Thanks so much for all the work you guys do to get these wonderful little toys into our hands! Here's hoping for another five years of awesome toys and awesome people!

  5. Congratulations on 5 years! I wish I had discovered Glyos sooner, but I'm all in now! I've collected lots of things over the years, but these are truly the most fun I've had in decades, and they're all the more wonderful knowing that such awesome people are behind them! Glyos is so awesome that I can't help but use exclamation points in everything I say!

  6. Thanks for working so hard to pursue your dream! You and the team put your all into what you do, and it shows, from the toys themselves to the scenes and builds you share here on the blog, and right on through to every correspondence. Just keep pushing the boundaries, creative ones especially, and know that we'll always be right here to support you.

    Here's to another five! (Which you might hear as a toast of some kind when you come back out here in a few months, yeah?)

  7. Wow, Matt, it's truly awe inspiring what you have created in such a short amount of time. And I don't know if any of you have talked with this guy but you couldn't imagine a nicer person. Reminds me of Jim Henson, just a very creative person who more importantly is genuinely kind and warm.

    I've really loved working with you and am excited to sculpt something new for you whenever you want! It's been really cool to see the armorvor appear in comics and Passcode episodes, and to suddenly have an epic story behind the character!

    Onward and Upwards buddy.

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  9. It is never appropriate to "bump" an Armodoc.

  10. And thank you and the whole Onell/Glyos crew for all you do, and for being so dedicated to your vision. You've given us the best toyline out there, and I hope we'll still be here talking about it in another five years.
    All the supporting material, the music and comics and Passcode, were great to see. I love seeing the story unfold, and that it's loose enough for us to fill in our own Glyoverses with our own stories. I've got so many soldiers in mine, that I've taken the colorway from this drop and decided I needed a group of Historians, who travel around and record events to have a record of the history of the Glyos System. That's part of what makes Glyos so fun, that we can do that!
    Here's to another great five years!

  11. 5 years of Onell Awesomeness = time to PAR-TAY!!!

  12. Thank YOU is more like it!

    The more I think about it (is it wierd that from time to time I actually do think about it? probably) the more I realize that there really isn't a more generous and kind hearted group of people out there than you guys- especially out of anyone running a business!

    Add in the fact that you're making the best toys on the market... of course we'll support you!

    The news dabbled in here is a tad bit scary though. I'll admit, this was a small drop for me- I just don't like army greens that much(don't hate me!). Has there been a bit of a vinyl overload, and that's why it's taking a back seat this next drop? If so that's unfortunate, I was ready to go gangbusters on some Tron-esque highlighted black vinyl.

  13. Please do a rerelease of these armorvors for those who missed out.