The Granthans

The Granthans first came about back in 2004, while I was working on our old series, Rechlen and Aves. Set up as a space fairing race of feather covered dino-astronauts, the Granthans were actually first called the Grathans. The additional "n" slipped in there as the years passed by. The core design pays homage to the little dinosaurs I played with at my Grandparents' house when I was a kid (they were stored in a red bucket that also had a beaten Colossus Rex in it).

I imagined that these tough customers escaped from another dimension (shades of  the Armorvors), discovered a planet in the Glyos System and then settled there. They named the planet Granthan, after their race.

While working on the Armorvor project, Marty, Jason and I collaborated on a number of head designs. One character that I really wanted to see realized as a sculpt was a Granthan. For the specific look, we went with the non feathered style (there are variations within the Granthan species), representing instead a more classic "dino" aesthetic. The Armorvor body type was a great match (even though the original "Grathans" has tails), and Marty did not hold back on the jumbo sized noggin's dimensions! The final result is one my favorite sculpts that Marty has ever created.

The above sketches detail the conceptual process, showing the direction that we ended up taking for the overall vibe of the final piece.

More Granthan action later today!


  1. I don't know why I'm surprised anymore by the fact that every character, race, or construct has a chunk of story behind it! The question is, do the Granthans possess the ability to use black core tech as well, or something different entirely.

  2. LOVE the Granthans... Hopeful we'll see more! :)

  3. Badass! Dinosaurs are my first love so this is one of my favorite heads as well.. had Marty paint me up an awesome ZED version!

    Can't wait to see yours :)

  4. I really like this design, the Tracker Granthan is something I'd love to see Marty sculpt up as my Hunter Granthan will need some to scout for him. I also really like how Marty's sculpt turned out, although I'd have preferred the teeth style shown on this head design over the one that ended up being the final result. This version just looks more dinosaury to me. Awesome sruff as per usual. ^_^