The Granthans: Part Two

The above images are circa 2004-2005, and show what the original "Grathan" looked like. I was obsessed with space dinosaurs (I still am) and wanted to build up a new set of characters for Rechlen and Aves to face. I imagined the dimension that these creatures escaped from was called Grath.

More in a bit!


  1. Okay the featherless one is cool, but this HAS to get done Matt! Loving the space suit design!

  2. Dinosaucers! Space dinosaurs are an amazing concept. I have loved the idea for a while myself haha.

  3. Yeah, these bring back memories of the Dinosaucers. How I wish they made it to mainstream toys (Glasslite doesn't count.) love it! Space Dinos Rawk!

  4. I really like the helmeted/space-suit versions. Something about space suits for non-human shapes is always cool to me. Space reptiles = awesome. :-D

    @redJar: YES! Dinosaucers was a cool show, pitty the toys they made never were released in large numbers OR here in the US, as that show had "Toy Line" written all over it.