Shipping Details

We are in the process of getting the shipping done, with the first wave of boxes on track to head out tomorrow. There was a healthy variety in this drop, so it took a few extra days to line everything up. Expect the shipping notices to start flying late tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you guys dig the colors when they arrive in hand. The toys truly do have some interesting properties under different lighting, which can scramble your brain when trying to photograph them. I took the above shots under a few fluorescent lights, which seemed to pop the yellow a little and turned the greens in the vinyl a tiny bit brown. While taking the shots it was cool to finally be able to have the United Glyan Coalition mix it up with the new kid in town.
I think the UGC may need some back up....

The Armorvor utilize Delphi designed Black Core Survival Suits, which function like a second skin and keep the user protected from virtually any environment, as well as  the effects of Phase Dimensional travel. 

The firepower of one Survival Suit, used by a skilled operator, can rival that of a Heavy Armored Rig. Though the Rigs also use Black Core in their construction, the Armorvor were able to master the use of this mysterious substance over many cycles during their exile in Zorennor, achieving another level of technological symbiosis with their hardware as they evolved over time.

Combined, these facts effectively make a single Armorvor the equivalent of a one man army.


  1. Nice photos and a nice little chunk of backstory! Excellent update, Matt! Thanks!

  2. WOW! Not sure what else to say...the backstory and photos...OMG!

  3. SO, how much do you think the ole armorvor can bench press?

  4. Well, that's a little troubling. So what will Glyos come up with to face them? And is there a chance that there are any among the Armovor's ranks who would rise against their own kind for the sake of peace?

    Interesting angles you've given us, Matt!

  5. "Combined, these facts effectively make a single Armorvor the equivalent of a one man army."
    Oh. Well, I was going to army build the Armorvors, but I guess I only one or two, now. :o)
    Absolutely love the one-on-one shot.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing, so I guess the 3 I ordered are like little tiny Juggernauts then. SWEET. :-D

      I love the pictures for this blog entry, the 1st shot where the Armorvor knocked back a lot of the troops with a single punch & it running at a Rig are just too cool.

      Can't wait to get my Armorvor's in hand, I know they'll be quickly become my newest pocket companions. ^_^

  6. New desktop image! Amazing shots!

  7. armorvor is like nemesis warmachine :)
    a one man army

  8. Love the pics and the background info! Can't wait to get this guy. I bought a few things last month for the first time, so this was the first drop that I made. I haven't been this excited about toys since Christmas 1985.

  9. I got my orders in today. Very nice. This is my first time buying Glyos, and I'm very happy with my purchases.