The Trio

We have a couple little surprises left to wrap up our 5th anniversary launch, starting with the second half of Ralph's primitive comic that we debuted on the night of the drop.

It was really fun teaming up with Ralph again for this odd little tale. We wanted to explore a little more of Volkria, back before things got... "complicated". Ralph brought everything together with his rhythmic pacing, and was very patient in dealing with my nitpicking ways.

This launch generated more artwork across our ranks than any previous drop in our 5 year history. I must have drawn at least 70 drawings alone of conceptual junk. Thankfully Ralph, Jesse, Phil, Pappy and good old Marcus turned those demented scribblings into a stack of finely crafted content, thanks 100% to their individual talents. Thank you guys, for making these strange stories come to life.

Without further ado, let's go Far Away....


  1. Such a happy ending! And I really love the way this comics is colored, can't wait to see more of these background stories!

  2. Hah! Finally seeing the other two companions shine, a great ending, and a good answer at the end to that tricky question about if the three were actually separate species or not. Great work, Ralph!

  3. You kind of have to wonder what kind of evolutionary process resulted in a planet populated entirely by intelligent wolf-people and nightmare tentacle monsters.

    1. Maybe some of these elements are ringers. That big pile of shiny rocks kind of looks like an ancient vessel in the right light...

  4. Love it! My Armorvors showed up today and you guys inspired me to make a video, too. Granted it's not as creative as what you do but it should be done soon.

  5. This is great! One of these days I'm gonna sit down and do some art for you... Soon I hope!!!

    All the best!