Ni has a fresh new wave of his Outlanders prepared for release tonight, May 23rd, at 9PM EST!

This new assortment presents the 481 Universe's main character in some colors that are kind of familiar around here, but also includes a cool new accessory pack addition that matches very closely to the old Rothan Light Green PMS 375C (for those of you who have been around for a bit and remember the old days). I particularly like the new accessory mold in this vibrant hue, and everything looks excellent across the boards.

All the final details about Ni's latest round of figures can be found over on his blog!

Good luck tonight, Ni! Glyaxia Command will be watching!

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  1. I got a chance to see these in person when I visited Ni earlier this month & these are some of his coolest colorways yet. The Green is amazing and I'm hoping Ni makes an Outlander in that colorway in the future. The green, purple & black is equally awesome, Matt does the purple match the purple you did a few months ago?