Thank You!!!

Thank you for making the return of Glyaxia Command a fun one! We had a lot riding on this release, and your support alone has allowed us to keep on rolling! In gratitude of being able to realize the "Lost Vinyl Wave" of 2012, I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Running the vinyl again has been discussed over here on a regular basis. With so much changing in the manufacturing process since 2012 (when we last produced a full wave of vinyl), the higher risk of a low return kept a certain level of apprehension present when contemplating the resurrection of all the vinyl molds. It was a bit of a torture test, because I've personally been wanting to build with the vinyl again since the Volkriun wave (July 2012).

Our concentration on the PVC has been the backbone of Onell for almost 7 years, so we've stayed focused on expanding and producing in that arena more than drifting even further into vinyl development. The main thing that has kept the vinyl from really pushing into the regular assortments is cost. Cost for us and cost for you. I wish that we could sell those Tri Hubs and Switch Pins for half the current price, but even now we are making next to nothing on the sales of those two items. They are more passion projects than viable products for business, even though I believe they have helped define our strange aesthetic in an extremely important way.

The rising manufacturing costs in China are truly becoming intense, and will start to affect many other industries within only the next couple of years. We will most likely see an even greater amount of factory work migrate into other countries, as the survival rate for everybody involved in making product in China has steadily been lowering. That being said, we've been incredibly lucky to work so closely with our factory, in particular my partner, Paul Wai. Paul and I have been working together since the beginning of this project, and even worked on the Beantown figures before Glyos really started moving. Our relationship has been forged in the trenches of production, with some major league roller coaster action hitting both of us as time has passed. Without Paul, we would never have been able to build the system that we use for all Glyos related lines.

As always, things will continue to evolve here as we journey into new territory. Some additions to the ranks that have been in development will finally see production, as well as a few curveball projects that will hopefully open some fun creative doorways for all of us.

Moving towards our 7th anniversary in July, expect to see the debut of  the full production LSA release and some small additions to the Buildstation in late June. The return of Hades has been slightly delayed due to scheduling, but is still on deck to return within the next few rounds. July holds some interesting turns, and we're hoping to share something extra special when we officially hit that 7 year mark!

I also wanted to take a moment and thank my "younger brother", Marcus. Marc and I met at Beantown Toys back in 2006, and since that time have worked together nonstop building Glyos into what you see today. Every single Passcode program, website and product mechanical coming out of Onell has Marc to thank, 100%. Seeing Marc grow into the creative powerhouse and exceptional person that he is, has been one of the best parts of my life, and Michelle and I could never, ever thank him enough for his part in Onell. But we will always try! Thanks Marcus, you are absolutely irreplaceable.

Once again, all of us here want to thank you from the heart for all your continued support and positive energy! The fact that we can still do this is not because of luck, but because of your interest and generosity. No matter where we land, my family and I will be forever grateful to each of you for giving us a chance to realize our dreams.

Shipping starts on Thursday!


  1. Thank you as well Matt, for without you and Glyos I'd never have been able to make all the things I've created over the last few years. I never used to be able to sculpt at all, but by having Glyos to fuel my imagination, It was one of the key things into making me who I am today, and I am eternally greatful for that. Hopefully one day I'll be able to return your generosity when my own figures make it to production some day.

    I didn't make as large of a purchase this drop, but it was good to see all the viynl make a return. Keep on trucking with everything Matt, I'm looking forward to the Glyos 7th Anniversary in two months here's hoping for some cool stuff! It'll also mark the 7th year that Beth & I have been together, man where does the time go??

  2. You guys are the best. Thank you for being so selfless with your decision making, but just wanted you to know that I think most of your fans would stick with you if you ever have to raise prices. I know I'll stick with you guys.

  3. that was an amazing & heartfelt post Matt, here's to 7 more years of Glyos!! Thank you for everything!!

  4. Has it been seven years already? Damn, time flies.

    Listen: whatever happens, you’ll always have a core of dedicated fans and friends to support you. Prices go up, sure, and certain styles fall by the wayside for a little, but no one questions your mutual dedication.

    Whatever small hurdles come your way, this is your lifeblood, the result of a lifetime of creativity, hard work, and ingenuity, so no one doubts that you’ll continue making the best damn thing out of this crazy ride called Glyos, just so long as there’s a way.

    Here’s to another seven years, eh?

  5. 7 YEARS !!! Wow has it been that long. Time does fly when you're having FUN :) Here's to the next 7 !!!

  6. Congrats on 7 years everybody, I can't believe it's been that long.