Glyaxia Command has been keeping us busy!

After lots of behind the scenes tweaking, building and picture editing, we're finally ready to share the latest round of stuff.

I've personally been wanting to do this particular wave since the vinyl waves of 2012, and the original Glyaxia release of 2010 still holds a special place in my heart, representing a turning point in our entire mode of operation.

The colors on this new round of PVC and vinyl are very bright and vibrant, looking a little punchier than the original run. The old Fisher Price Adventure People vibe is present, and playing with vinyl again has been the absolute best.

Thanks so much for making it possible for us to get to this point, seeing a Glyaxia Command Block Base has only existed in my dreams -until now.

New pics start tomorrow!


  1. My my, that does look pretty.

    Is it too much to hope for a Sarvos in the same exact scheme?

    1. Thanks Roy! That Sarvos is definitely in the cards!

    2. Awesome. Thanks, Matt! There's something about seeing the blue with the yellow highlights that it'd look great with the latest style of paint masks on Sarvos.

  2. "Very bright and vibrant, looking a little punchier" = excitement @ TGB household!!! Can't wait!!!

  3. This will be my first big vinyl drop and I cant wait to start building with it! That last stuff for the hades traitor drop allowed me to make a couple cool space ships for my hades and sarvos.

  4. Insane!!! I love the way the vinyl blocks look, I'm hoping there is a Syclodoc in this drop.