Dungeon Traveler

We are thrilled to debut our new game, Dungeon Traveler!

This flash game is part of a new series we've been chipping away at for a while now, but it was October Toys' Skeleton Warriors project that really fueled the fire. The Glyventure series will travel across all parts of the Glyos System and beyond, and it seemed strangely appropriate to kick things off in a living space dungeon!

Matt and I almost never stop pulling inspiration from our pasts. Bits of Zelda, Pac Man, and Golden Axe certainly went into the mix this time, along with some new elements. Getting my brother JBo involved was great- we've been making music together our whole lives, but never created and scored an entire game like this. It's a trip to hear his distinct melodies while playing around with these characters. Arcade Rats have a lot more in store, so we hope you dig the new vibes.

Thanks again to all of you guys, the amazing community that keeps Glyos thriving! Special thanks also go out to George and Ayleen Gaspar for letting us rattle their bones!

Ok, 'nuff yak... GO HACK. After completing the Story Mode, try The Duel, a never ending arcade mode that we'll be expanding upon in the near future. Post your high scores here! Who should we unlock next?


  1. Super fun, I probably should be working but this is much better!! Great job to all you guys on an excellent and fun game!!

    I forgot to write down my scores but I got something over 24,000 on the game first time through and roughly 11,500 on the Duel.

  2. This is Boss!! Any chance we can get a version with a manual attack more like Zelda and tougher enemies? I love this stuff!

  3. Man this game is great!!!! Loved all the old school gaming elements!! The layout of dungeon 10 and what came after was awesome!!! The music and sounds were amazing!! Great work!! It be cool to compile all glyos music and sounds on disc and release a glyos album!

  4. Well that was fun! Thanks for all that!

  5. I'm glad I read this post because I assumed the second mode ended eventually. Great fun! I think this is my favorite of your games so far.

  6. That blackout level. Dang.

    Fun game, and would love to see it expanded. I didn't even break 10,000, sadly, but hey . . . there's always a next time.

  7. Great game, guys! I noticed Gearius was a playable character in one of the modes. Could this mean we might be seeing a Rig Corps drop some time in the near future? :D