October Toys Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter

Our great friends George and Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys have just launched an all new Kickstarter campaign for the classic 90's property, Skeleton Warriors! This resurrected rollout features 100% Glyos compatibility, but also employs the "Glybrid" insert molded traditional joint articulation that was pioneered with the Four Horsemen's fantastic Power Lords series.

Michelle, Marcus and I have been watching Kickstarter for some time now, observing the way it has changed the paradigm of how independent projects get funded. Our own operating systems are designed to allow for only a certain amount of tooling dollars per year, with no real wiggle room. There are negatives and positives to this approach, but it has proven pretty reliable for nearly 7 years, albeit sometimes frustrating. That being said, with the rising costs of manufacturing, I believe that using Kickstarter type funding programs will eventually (if not now) become the only way for a small business to make any significant progress in regards to new products actually seeing the light of day. This in conjunction with clubs, subscriptions and straight pre-orders will most likely be how the majority of direct to consumer collector based toy companies operate in the very near future, with very few exceptions.

The risk of rolling the dice on full runs without any kind of guaranteed commitment is becoming extremely risky, again due to the intense price increases overseas. My personal goal is to keep things open as far as Onell Design goes, following the path that we have been traveling since we started, with specific release nights, unannounced projects, surprise products and the like. However, the choices of how we run things here cannot be expected to work for our sister companies. You will be seeing more Glyos based Kickstarters this year, ranging from smaller projects to fairly large ones.

I personally hope you guys enjoy the expanding Glyos compatible universe, and continue to foster your own creativity and imagination as you travel through it!

Thank you to George and Ayleen for being truly open and honest with all the aspects of this project. We spent a lot of time working on the details together and it was always done with clear communication and a positive attitude.

We're also super excited to see another Traveler come to life, in the form of Skeleden. George and I each sculpted parts for this strange twist on the Traveler design, with George making all the best looking parts! He truly is a damn talented artist and was a blast to work with.

Marcus and I have some neat crossover posts coming this week, expanding a bit on who Skeleden is and his connections to the Skeleton Warriors universe. Skeleden represents a number of homages for me personally, and we'll explore some of them in the coming days.

Sega's classic video game Golden Axe is a major one of them.

Here's the full scoop on the project specifics from October Toys:

We are super excited to announce the launch of our latest project – Skeleton Warriors! We are redesigning and updating one of our favorite brands starting with the bad to the bone Baron Dark on Kickstarter now!

These new, Glyos compatible action figures were designed with collectors in mind while drawing inspiration from both the 90′s Skeleton Warriors cartoon characters as well as original concept art provided by the awesome team at Goddard Film Group, LLC.

There are three main figures you can pledge for on Kickstarter now including:

Baron Dark
• 5″ fully painted PVC action figure
• 17 modular official Glyos compatible pieces
• 26 points of articulation
• Comes with removable sword, cape, loin cloth, and arm guards (for a total of 21 pieces)
• Packaged in full color collectors window box

• 5″ fully articulated unpainted PVC action figure
• 17 modular official Glyos compatible pieces
• 26 points of articulation
• Available in bone and glow-in-the-dark

Traveler Skeleden
• 2.75″ PVC official Glyos action figure
• 13 interchangeable parts
• 12 points of articulation
• New axe accessory (first melee weapon for Pheyden)
• Exclusive version available exclusively through this Kickstarter!

For more details, incentives, and stretch goals, please check out the project on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/georgegaspar/skeleton-warriors-glyos-compatible-action-figures


  1. I can't even believe what I am seeing.
    So much nostalgia for the SW line.
    I'll support this 100% Hope we see a Dagger figure, he was my favorite.

  2. Aracula, a glyos-compatible Aracula. That is all.

  3. Professor Cybron would be awesome, as well as any of those 2nd Series Unproduced characters.

    I LOVED this line when it first came out, I've always been a huge fan of skeletons & skeletal creatures since I was a kid (I must've been a Skeleton for Halloween almost every year) so when that line came out back in the 90's I was ecstatic. Seeing it come back as a GLYOS compatible line no less just blows my mind. Skeleden looks like an awesome figure & I am 100% behind any toy that is both a Skeleton & Traveler sized. Can't wait for either of these items to come out, great job George, Matt & Ayleen, can't wait for these figures!!!

  4. So looking forward to getting a set of these figs, I had a crap load of these that i customized into army builders.

  5. Quite funded! Very much looking forward to Dr. Cyborn, but until then, I LOVE me some skeletons!

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