Picking Bones

A few clear views of the Titan Skeleton.

All the small indents where you see a pin going through to secure a joint will be insert molded in full production, which means that those holes will not be visible. This is the same process that is used on the Four Horsemen's Power Lords, and yields a solid combination of functionality and finish.

I can't help thinking about the days of my youth when I look at this figure, playing Sega's Golden Axe at the Acton Bowladrome in between my blasted summer school classes. The face in particular reminds me of the massive skeleton on the Character Select Screen. The skeletons in the actual game were real mean enemies that drove me nuts, but man did I love playing round after round on that glorious cabinet.

So, in my weirdo mind, this Titan Skeleton is also kind of a neat little homage to one of my favorite games of all time.


  1. I'm glad my love of Golden Axe is shared by someone else. If I wasn't sold on these already, you would have done it by reminding me of the Skeleton Warrior in Golden Axe. Man, did they kick my butt around!

  2. Never been a fan of splatter and gore, so zombies are a "meh" for me. But skeletons! Ever since Jason and the Argonauts, I've loved dem bones risen from the grave!
    ...and -- summer school, Matt? Really?