Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great rollout last night! We're very excited that the response on the LSA was positive, especially after cooking for such a long time in the production oven! Considering how many cool new things are currently out there, your continued dedication and interest in Glyos absolutely means the world to us.

With these mini releases, the risk is definitely greater, as it costs more to produce the detail lined/extra painted figures. That being said, it's been a ton of fun making them! I've been carrying around an LSA team in my pocket for the last few weeks and I still can't believe they are finally in production. In my mind, this current version of the LSA was resurrected by Elder Exellis to right the many wrongs that the original LSA had done. I look forward to hearing what you guys see them as, and really hope you enjoy them when they land in your hands.

Switching gears for a moment, Marcus and I have been working away on something special that's tied in to the current Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter, spotlighting Dungeon Traveler Skeleden. It takes things in an interesting new direction, with some classic AD&D vibes! Both Marcus and I are also super excited to welcome his twin brother, John Beaudette into the mix as the composer for all of the project's new music! John did a knock out job, and brings a fresh twist to the equation. Keep your eyes peeled for something to pop up here on the blog shortly.

Thank you once again for keeping the engine running! As we head towards our 7th anniversary next month, I keep reflecting on everything that's transpired over the years since we started, and I could not be more grateful for what we've been allowed to do.

We're excited to see what the future holds!



  1. Thanks for getting all of this together and for sharing a little piece of the story as always! The LSA as a reformed group in more than one way? Interesting turn, and maybe hints at a greater role in Glyos than what they previously had.

    Guess that means ol' Nobotos won't be coming back, though, will he?

    That being said, blazes, is that Dark Traveler sharp with the orange accents!

  2. Thank you for such an awesome drop. As I've said, I think these two may be my favorite colorways yet, they're great. I agree with R...I would've loved to see Nobotos.

    I also hope that we see more of these colors. Orange and green are my favorites and in my opinion we need to see more of 'em.

    Thanks for making these drops so fun! I really feel that each drop tends to out do the last. If it doesn't, it at least stays on par with the previous drop, you guys never take any steps backwards. Keep the fun and great toys coming!

  3. That Dark Traveler is really cool looking too. It reminds me of two things from my childhood...Orange Julius and the Adventure People Astro Knight action figure. The yellow one w/ orange/red highlights and a green visor. I had the figure and hated it because you couldn't do anything with it, but I used to carry it around with me and wonder what his story was.

  4. Thanks as always to you Matt, I can't wait to see what you are cooking up for your 7th anniversary. My wish is that you have continued success for 117 more. If you want to live that long... :)

    I see the LSA as neither good nor evil, just lost looking for the one who will provide direction and guide them. They still don't have Exellis yet...