Mini Mission Details

We've been working on so many things over here that I just realized a quick list was still in order!

It's a tiny one:

Lost Sincroid Army

Lost Sincroid Army -Standard (Green/ Pale Yellow/ Dark Green painted limbs/detail lines/ painted eyes/ removable belt/ small scarf/ Elder Exellis head/ Dark Traveler Head/ Dark Traveler scarf) $10

Lost Sincroid Army -Granthan Corps (Pale Yellow/ Orange/ Black painted head/detail lines/ painted eyes/ removable belt/ small scarf/ Black painted Elder Exellis head/ Pale Yellow Dark Traveler Head/ Pale Yellow Dark Traveler scarf/ Extra paint accents) $12

???? -$12

This small wave has been something that I've dreamed about for many years. The colors are strange and the characters are odd, but these Sincroids mean a lot to us over here.

I could only ever dream of being able to play with an actual battalion of LSA, back when I was working on Rechlen and Aves almost a decade ago.

The paint work on these new LSA figures is some of the tightest to come out of our factory yet, and we even tried a few new things for these editions. Extra paint has been used in areas that we normally do not paint, such as the Standard LSA arms and thighs as well as the strange black heads on the Granthan Corps LSA. It took quite some time to finish up this order, and multiple revisions and tweaks happened all along the way. We'll delve more into that in the coming weeks.

Thank you for allowing us to finally put in this piece of our weirdo puzzle!


  1. Simply Amazing! This is what everyone has been talking about and our prayers have been answered! Thank You!

  2. Lookin' sharp. Would love to see the Granthan Corps with the DT head!

    1. Wait, the darker green is all paint? Holy crap. I'm guessing the orange on the Granthan Corps might also be paint as well, then?

    2. Or conrtast-skull swapping (like we saw in Glyaxia) should rock.

  3. I love the Granthans...they look like the Candy Corn Mob...great colors. Fantastic drop, great stuff! Will the both the Standards and the Granthans be build station bound?

  4. These look great! I really hope we eventually get Axis Joints in these colors too.