Return of the Banimon Red Army Men!

Overcoming a multitude of obstacles thrown at him by both nature and by man, our good friend Boris Savic will finally roll out the return of his Banimon Red Army Men tonight, February 28th, at 9:30PM EST over in his store!

Making its second appearance in the spotlight as a full production vinyl piece is the Banimon Bunkerbuster tank, this time decked out in a green that might be familiar to those of you who like your plastic in Volkriun hues. This new Bunkerbuster is fully compatible with all of the vinyl we produce around here, and its colors match right up to last year's VSF wave.

I had some fun taking a modified Bunkerbuster (shown above with a few of our parts mixed in) for a spin across the piles of snow out back as the sun was setting, and the little armored machine proved once again that it's truly a blast to play with.

Well done, Boris! I'm loving this tank!

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  1. Thank you for this post.
    This time I was able to purchase a Bunkerbuster and it looks like there are still more left!

    I hope we'll also see the Callgrim WARP tank this year.