Thank You!!!

Thank you for the great turnout on Sunday night! With all the intense winter activity around these parts, it was really uplifting to see the latest wave find a rhythm amidst the surrounding landscape of chaos here in the Northeast.

Skeleden has been a work in progress for exactly one year, with the original design sketches being drafted in early February 2014. What started out as a small option for a basic Traveler turned into something much more involved, becoming a significant part of our 2015 plan along the way.

The core design of Skeleden was intended to be a mix of Villser, Pheyaos, Mori's classic Chaos, Inhumanoids, Manglors and of course Skeleton Warriors -with a dash of 90's era Spawn stirred in. Pushing the more biological narrative to the sculpted parts was the central aesthetic focus, and proved to be a trip to explore with the always great George Gaspar of October Toys. The dual duties on the sculpting brought something unique to the final look, and I'm very thankful for George's willingness to deal with my eccentricities during the process.

The actual slide on armor concept used on Skeleden actually came from another project that I had been working on in late 2013, which was a more "Glyos Space" looking set of armor parts that were to be used as an upgrade for the Traveler, Glyan, Buildman, Noboto and Callgrim molds. The basic dimensions of most of our stuff is lined up by design, and I spent an unholy amount of time trying to devise a simple optional armor set that could augment our already exiting figures at a low cost to purchase. Kind of like the idea behind the Armored Valkyries from Macross, or the beefed up armor parts from Spiral Zone. The majority of the sculpting for that "Glyarmor" project was actually completed, and then the Skeleden factor came into play. Things just rolled into a giant bone armored beast from that point, spawning something even more bizarre than our usual oddities from space! Maybe we'll still see that original Glyarmor Set surface before long.

There are many hidden aspects to the Skeleden Armor, and successfully adjusting the measurements and tolerances to get everything to work just right was a true challenge. Over the next few days we'll pop up a few pics showing the little "tricks" that you can pull off with multiple sets, as well as some behind the scenes looks at the development of Skeleden.

Thank you again for checking out the new wave, and for reading this Labyrinth of Letters!


  1. It's really a cool design. That blue and white together looks incredible. Kicking myself for not getting that combo.

    Excited for you to pull the curtain back and show us some development work for it. Also, Glyarmor sounds amazing. Would love to see that some day.

  2. Very informative sir! I do always enjoy reading about how things came to be; I will second Jake's sentiments and would also like to see something come of it one day.

    I'm really digging the look of Skeleden and can totall see a Dr. Herman Mangler/Nightcrawler from Inhumanoids vibe to him.

    This clear/clear blue combo you selected reminds me of Cosmi Wave(?) Pheyden from waaaay back in the Begining of Glyos.

    Excited to see what other colors are coming down the pipe for this design and his to build with the parts. Take care guys!

  3. Thank You so much for Skeleden. Just enough RXH for sum major bad-ass !!! All that hard work really shows. I can't wait for my box & more stories & pics :) Blue/Clear was my plan too, after my order and my head cleared. Standard, Blue, Blue/Clear, Clear/Blue, Clear !!!

  4. Thank you guys for expanding the Glyos universe with another great figure. At some point I would like to see/buy a Skeleboth version complete with black lines.

    Will we see the ice adventure play out in a comic or video though?
    I can decide for myself of course:
    As the Search Corps comes under heavy fire by the Neo Granthans, scout Admaal is separated from his team mates.
    Returning to the place where the party landed Admaal's sensors detect a powerfull signal.
    As a Traveller possesed Admaal starts to dig in the snow, uncovering an acient axe.
    Behind him the sound of battle draws closer and closer, but Admaal doesn't hear it.
    Gazing into the glowing eyes of the battle axe Admaal is hypnotized and no longer in control of his own actions.
    Grabbing the axe, holding it above him, a voice not his own cries out: By the Power of Brave Skulls!

    I'm quite curious about this Glyarmor mode, especially since it seems to fit at least five types of figures.
    Sounds like a cool thing to have, but just seeing concept sketches or pictures would already be great.

  5. More armor options for my Glyos? HELL YES. Thank you for the awesome drop!