Bringers of the Cold

We are on track for a smaller release landing next Sunday, February 22nd at 9:30 PM EST.  The Neo Granthans will be making an appearance in the assortment, as long as the endless snow doesn't swallow our town completely before the launch.

More from the Frozen North as the week rolls on!


  1. Groovy! Can't wait to see what else is in store for the newest wave!

  2. I love 'em!!! The red eyes really bring all the colors together beautifully, almost reminds me of the Zoids pilots colorways. I am growing more fond of seeing the black core accent parts on the armor in different colors, it just makes the design pop a bit more then the black does.

    I'm really fond of the Granthans and would love to see them with special weaponry or accessories specifically for them. It's the same thing the leaves me wanting with Ni's Outlander: you can't do a lot with them. I'd love to see some of those early weapon drawings you did for the Armorvor make it into plastic so we could arm them to the teeth, I know the armor makes them walking tanks, but I feel specific accessories or weapons would make the Granthans that much cooler.

    Other then that I think they're awesome and can't wait to nab these ones later this month.

  3. Can't you guys come up with a drop that's easy to skip? ;-)

    I agree with Chris Negri that while they are awesome the Granthans still need something to make them a bit more different than the Armorvors. Perhaps a specific weapon or an emblem tampo on the shoulder or center armor piece.

    1. Well, the beauty with Glyos is that you can create/build that unique weapon for them.

    2. True, this is indeed what makes Glyos so wonderful.

      On the other hand I also enjoy the characters that the Onell design team creates so much that certain figures remain 'intact' when I buy them.

      Keeping this in mind, let me give you an example:
      Somehow Noboto having a 'backpack' completes the figure/character. Neo Granthans are cool, but for me they lack a 'backpack' if that makes sense.

  4. This Neo Granthan has a Very Imperial Stormtrooperesque feel to it -
    Love it!!!