Kabuto Mushi MK II: Wave Seven

Marty "Loctite" Hansen rolls into 2015 with three brand new colors showcasing his popular Kabuto Mushi MK II production figure!

Continuing his recent theme of famous Japanese character homages, Marty has put together some very clever combinations utilizing an assortment of all new spray applications. My personal favorite is the Cyborg Mushi, which is shown above surveying the Frozen Zone that has taken over most of New England.

Cyborg Mushi also makes a good rival for Redlaw Argen, as they both pay tribute to the excellent classic Henshin Cyborg series by Takara (thank you Paul L. for maintaining the best link).

Head over to Mushi Central to check out the rest of TGB's latest offerings.

Congratulations on another unique and exciting wave, Marty! 

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