Mission Details

As I write this, we are coming out of 4 weeks of record setting snowfall here in New England. The ridiculous amount of shoveling that all our friends and family have been doing has been totally off the charts! Even though the weather has been bananas, the landscape has been beautiful, supplying some great settings to play around in. I can't recall ever seeing this much snow on the ground in my lifetime, and I don't think it's even close to letting up just yet.

The timing of this winter blast falls in perfect harmony with our new wave of figures, which centers around Search Corps Ankram, a small team of specialists sent to Planet Nemica to analyze the lasting effects of the Bio Paralyzer that was used by Planet Metran to end the Old War. What one of the Searchers stumbles upon beneath the frozen wasteland reveals the ruins of a lost civilization that perhaps even the Elder Delphi were unaware of ...

We are still on track for this Sunday, February 22nd at 9:30PM EST, once again pending the ferocity of yet another winter storm that's on its way for Sunday. We'll keep things updated as we go.

The Secret Beneath the Ice

Glyan -SCA Standard (Maxx Gray*/ Maroon with Black visors and Yellow tampo) $8
Glyan -SCA Reverse (Maroon/ Maxx Gray with Black visors and Yellow tampo) $8

Commander Rykurra Sarvos (Maxx Gray with painted eyes/ Maroon accents and Yellow tampo w/ Maxx Gray Phanost head/ Maxx Gray Scar Pheyden head/ Maxx Gray scarf -Features new pelvis paint application) $10

SCA Extra Set (Maxx Gray with painted eyes Pheyden head/ Maroon accented Maxx Gray Traveler chest/ Maxx Gray Traveler pelvis/ Maroon scarf) $4

Crayboth XXX  $4
Crayboth Stealth MK IV $4

Armorvor  -Neo Granthan Nemica Enforcer (White/ Gray Paint with Black visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features all new Neo Granthan head
Armorvor  -Neo Granthan Trade Runner (Tan/ Reddish Brown Paint with Black visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features all new Neo Granthan head


Axis Joint Set -Maxx Gray $4
Axis Joint Set -SCA Maroon $4 

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Maxx Gray with Black accent $2
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -SCA Maroon with Black accent $2

*Maxx Gray closely matches Toyfinity's recent Robo Force "Maxx Zero" Commodore 64 Type Light Gray


  1. I'm hoping you guys don't get it too bad, I'm ready to add a lot to my cart come Sunday!

  2. Absolutely can't wait for this drop Matt. These colors are great! Maybe it's just because I like red velvet cupcakes? I am so excited to find out what the lost civilization is, it could be that I just like the ancient thing hidden underground type of story. Hmm could this civilization have to do with that new project that's come to fruition? Whatever the secret is Sunday can't come soon enough.

  3. These are great! I can't wait for Sunday!

    1. I think the SCA will find that some things are best left buried.

  4. I greatly approve of these colors. They look wonderful! Those two surprises have me intrigued.
    Also, the maroon pheyden seems to be missing from the drop list!

  5. Because the maroon pheyden can be made with the two XXX figures... Dun dun dunnnnnn! Look at what those colors match!

  6. I'm sold already!
    Nonetheless, more pictures please! ;-)

    The first Neo Granthan figures are great to be used as individual characters. This second release seems perfect to give them some soldiers.

  7. Man, those colors are sharp. The lack of Hubs and Swings is a little sad, but no doubt those new XXX will make up for it in spades!

    Also, please keep the new painted detail for future Sarvos runs. It adds a lot, and having a splash of color on the back really gives it a more "sophisticated" look somehow . . . maybe like an officer's belt?

  8. A blizzard is a magical escape from the modern insanity you don't always realize is causing you stress.
    You have been relieved of the responsibility of leaving your home just to make and spend more money. You have been forced into spending concentrated time with those closest to you. There's no worrying about the million little things you think you need to do every other day of the year that you really don't need to do.
    A blizzard stops time. You can't be late, you can't hurry, so you should just stop. Enjoy this time with loved ones before the world picks up speed again and you think you don't have the time.
    And I'm really liking the Glyans :)

  9. back when the fistfull trading was in full swing I worked my butt off to get two complete torsos of the sarvos in that maroon color and agve him black arms and legs with grey boots and hands. and he has been one of my favorite pocket travelers ever since. glad to see this color getting a full production run. would love to see the armorvor in this color as well, maybe? hopefully?