The short list is almost finished and will pop up in a little bit!


  1. Aha! Really liking the colors on that Sarvos, definitely going to try to pick him up with ample axis joints & phase arms to really seal the deal.

  2. Well then. That...is a lot of snow.

    I'm hoping that wasn't in your yard anywhere, Matt!

  3. Awesome. These look great. I can't wait to see what Granthan goodness is in store for us. Will there be any ??? The surprises are what makes Glyos so special!

  4. Awesome!!!! Really great colorway in this round. The white/maroon combination is perfect.

    Matt, is this maroon the same color as that old Plastic & Plush Buildman that was due out years ago? That was a great color, so it would be good to see it make a return.

    For some reason, that maroon Pheyden with the white phase arm looks really cool. Not sure why. With the phase arms, would you ever paint it a color other then black, or is black picked because it goes with everything better?

    And wow you were not kidding about the 5 feet of snow. O_O If it stays cold, that won't melt until April!

    Snow photo shoots are fun, I made that one story in it once, but that was Pre Axis joints: it's murder on the thumbs to re-position knees when they are phase arm bits in 20 degree weather.

  5. Wow these colors are really badass

    1. Any word on classic Exellis returning?