Tests of Patience

Skeleden currently holds the record over here for the most revisions and rounds of test shots (five total) of any project in our almost 8 years of production. The major challenges surfaced in the form of the actual armor fittings. Originally, the torso armor was smaller and more compact (shown above), but the fit kept coming in on the loose side, which was unacceptable. The two leg armor parts also had too much play, and eventually had to have some pretty major changes made to achieve the optimal fit.

Due to the hidden functions of the leg armor parts in particular, nailing their precise dimensions was critical to more than just holding them correctly in place on Pheyden's lower legs. These parts also had to work with the hands, shoulders and thighs, representing a multipurpose angle design that could operate across most of our other molds as well.

Skeleden's armor is compatible with all the Travelers, Buildman, Noboto, the Glyan and Jesse's Callgrim. The torso armor is reversible, with a "bio-gladiator" type cuirass vibe on one side and the Phanosty looking skull sculpt on the other. Consideration was also put into making the torso piece effectively seat upside down on the head, to create a heavy armored look (pretty strange in concept but sort of neat when in place).

The extra time and slightly maddening process of tweaking the armor were both definitely worth pushing through!

More details about the development of Skeleden coming up soon.

Also, shipping starts tomorrow morning!


  1. Wow! Fits on every humanoid figure, pretty much! There is going to be so much experimentation when these land in people's hands, I can't wait to see and try some stuff out for myself.

  2. That it fits so many figures is nothing short of incredible. I'm really excited to see all the different combinations people come up with!

  3. I want that green in the top left real bad! haha