The Formanchie

As we finish up all the final tasks before this weeks launch, we thought a small peek behind the scenes was in order. Well, at least a look at what ends up happening after staying up for a few days. Marcus and I are like two escaped convicts- bound by handcuffs- when we're getting set up to release new stuff, working deranged hours and basically losing our minds. Over the years many strange food mutations have occurred in the dead of the night. Rising like a zombified cuisine from the unchecked hunger of two idiots comes.... "The Formanchie".

The Formanchie

-One slice potato bread
-A smear of peanut butter
-Some older jam (nothing by Debbie Gibson)
-A fist full of crushed Fritos
-Four slices of Boar's Head pepperoni
-No other choices

Put all the above together and eat between 2AM-5AM for best shot at it actually tasting good.
Gross? Absolutely. Regrets? Maybe posting this.


  1. Will a slice of this be the Warp Zone Exclusive?

  2. Can't wait to see this GID. Do I smell a RealxHead X Onell Formanchaos? No, wait, that's just the vomit dripping down my shirt.

  3. I feel that this could turn into a "Things I Probably Shouldn't Eat (But Do)" comment thread....

  4. You guys are actually not that far from what we have in mind...
    The first 3 people who send in a pic of themselves eating a real Formanchie will be getting something special for the holidays from us (outside of multiple chest pains). This abomination is alarmingly tasty.

  5. This is why you don't return calls?

  6. This is actually the third reason Mason, I'll call and tell you the other two.

  7. I have to ask: was this ungodly combination something you made by choice or was this all that was left in the fridge at the time?

    Be honest.

  8. Yech. I'll take the challenge. But yech.

  9. holy god and key lime christ that sounds painful... I might try it... you know, for experimentation and swag... but sheesh.. a man shouldn't have to torture themselves for fun...

    by the by, debbie gibson is out.. how's tiffany?

  10. I'm out of 'roni but I think this sounds delicious.

  11. Charles, this was 100% by choice. One wretched yet glorious choice.

  12. http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/8849/sandwich1.jpg
    Done! I was wondering what I would have for lunch...
    Actually, yes, its not that bad. If i try it again I'll put on less peanut butter and jelly and more meat. Wasn't salty enough for me. Any pictures of it are just gut-wrenching, though, as you can see.

  13. You have not lived until you have eaten with the Glyos crew. Non-iron stomachs beware!

  14. My dad eats grape jelly and mayonaise sandwiches. I guess I can't get too weirded out by the Formanchie. How did you come up with the name?

  15. YUM :D haha, but uhh yea , kinda gross, sounds like a gouvroum lunch.

  16. O_o....I was with you up until the pepperoni was added to it lol. Somehow, salted-cured meats and PB & jelly just dont seem like tasty bed-fellows. I do put potato chips on PB sandwhiches from time to time & the taste works well, so I may have to try fritos on it next.. O.O

  17. Ah bugger. My diet doesn't abide by most any meats, even the heavily processed ones. Otherwise, I'd attempt it in a heartbeat.

    Good luck, brave souls who dare venture into the darkest sandwich realms!

  18. OK how many so far? I'm feeling brave.

  19. OK I did it and I quickly washed down with a ice cold beer BLAT!
    Here we B!


  20. Two epicurious explorers have made their claims so far. Dominic and the Super Sandbagger himself have sacrificed their stomachs for the Formanchie! One shot left to bring home the strangest prize we have offered yet...

  21. I really hope its a buildman with his hand sculpted with a sandwich in it.

  22. ok going to try this tomorrow. :) heads up for pictures.

  23. It's perticularly difficult to take a photo of yourself while eating... so apologies for the poor quality...


    P.S. 1 or 2 US-->UK substitutions where made, crisps are different and the boar's head pepperoni is now Chorizo :P

    Even with the substitutions it still tastes awefull! I envy you Glyos peeps with the stomachs of steel!


  24. Well never mind then i figured this was going to happen , thanks nocturin

    (grumble grumble)

  25. Sorry dude, Didn't mean to step on anyone's toes, just thought I would give it a go.

  26. No toes stepped on,

    ^^ just being a sore loser haaha

  27. Late addition - First FIVE people get a special something. Lip smacking goodness please continue!

  28. I think we've discovered the secret formula for GID plastic.

  29. Well,yea not bad but umm, ill let the pictures tell the tale.


    yea haha :D

  30. I hope I make #5. Formanchie.. It's whats for breakfast! I use goober grape myself. It actually isnt to bad. I like the smokey salty lil spicey taste of the rooni with it. And gotta wash it down with a life water


    Ok now Im ready for the new launch :)

  31. as a child, my av'o (grandmother) would speack of this sandwich. she called it the olinda silva sandwich. In the old country, every thursday was olinda silva sandwich night and they would make them for the men, and the women would eat fruit.

  32. Bumping it to 10, due to our collective insanity for eating this thing. We are officially at 5 now. Also, the new stuff is in the final stage of completion. Marcus and I will be pushing it to get this thing done this week. It's looking like one of the regular super early morning (Friday) roll outs right now, fueled by Formanchies. Try it with melted cheese for a bonus.

  33. Ok Matt I really have Issues. LOL Grilled cheese Formanchie WITH ranch. A lil 1upmenship. and ummm not as tasty with chese and grilled. If I'm not in the bathroom for the next 24hrs Look for my new order LOL. This holiday surprise better be good :-x


  34. It wasn't bad, matt it's good!








  35. yay!!! gonna stay up all night to check if i get this time an armodoc! or whatever goodies you got in petto! nicey-ooh--yeah!
    i would try than formanchie fella if
    1. we had that stuff you put in there overhere (but our legal food laws won´t allow so, haha).
    2. if i hadn´t a cholic 2 days ago.

    but from my experience it takes me always 3 days to get a taste out of american food when i´m in the states so yeah, i won´t be affected by any sourness/uglyness - it all tastes sweet like candy to me :D

  36. ok, i had to try this too!



    was actually quite tasty.. i added the slice of cheese too. :D

  37. Holy crap this post has alot of comments so far; 37 as of right now ("37?" "In a row?"). I'm off work tomarrow so I'll be keeping my peepers at the blog to wait for the new stuff to drop. The Formanchie truely seems to have seductive powers, luring anyone daring enough to taste it's wackiness. @_@

    'Cept for me so far hee hee. ~_^

  38. Wow. Not a bad sammich. I actually like the taste of the-HUUURNRKGF.

    I went for the melted cheese bonus challenge, and microwaved the whole thing to do so, which in itself ups the ante (heat = stomach volatility).







    I found that the fritos plus the hot, juicy pepperoni had a bacon-y taste, which made the whole thing more enjoyable overall.

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