Founding Figures and Glyoformations

We wanted to bring something special out for the holidays, a little follow up to the recent release. First on deck is the return of a few older figures, and by older we mean from the actual first round of stuff we ever produced! Head over to the Founders section and check out those gritty Travelers and Sincroids. They are made from the older, super hard plastic and have a rougher paint job- but cleaned with some 90% isopropyl alcohol and detail lined they can look like the original releases. We have had a number of requests for these original versions of the characters so we dusted off the secret older stock and have resurrected a few of the founding assortment. As a bonus, these guys come packed in the original boxes that we used to put out. This will be a limited time thing and if you guys like it then maybe we can offer something similar in the future. The price is $4 each, available now. These are very good to customize with and take paint and sanding really well.

The big holiday special has to do with what Marc has been working on - a Passcode Archive (just refresh onelldesign.com/passcode) as well as something we call "Glyoforms". If you ever played with Colorforms then you will have a head start in getting what Glyoforms is about. Marc has put together something super fun and has given you all the keys to the Passcode kingdom. Digital customization! This is just the first version and we have a number of additions that will pop up over the next few weeks. We hope this new content is fun to mess with. Wrapping up, all of us over here want to thank you guys for an incredible year, we went through a lot together and are really looking forward to working on the next phase of this project. Happy Holidays from the Onell team! -Matt

Right On! Holidays are all about nostalgia for me, so I hope you guys enjoy these throwbacks. Thanks so much for all the great feedback on the Passcode series, they are truly a labor of love. The Glyoforms is something that I've toyed with since the first sprite was made, but somehow it took me until 3 days ago to actually start in on it. Have fun clicking around, reveal hidden sprites, make your own Passcode! (proper sound test is coming soon) Be sure to refresh every page, as I am constantly adding, updating, destroying the online world of Glyos... Cheers to a fantastic year and so many great things on the horizon... -Marc


  1. I love the Founders! They are Awesome! Finally a real Aves Exellis! :D

    Thanks Matt, this is a brilliant X-mas treat, and I haven't even started on the passcode archive/editor!

    Happy holidays all!

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  3. After seeing everything that has happened with the Glyos world in the past couple years, it was really cool to have a chance to pick up some of the figures that I passed over in the beginning. Original Pheyden! I don't have one! What was I thinking back then??

    Thanks for such a great holiday surprise, guys (and gals)!

  4. I like the Glyoforms but the Infiltatrator Buildman and his beam don't want to move together. Otherwise it's a pretty cool little thing. It'd be awesome if, in the future, we could change the color palette of the sprites to whatever the user wanted.

    As far as the figures are concerned, I really like this idea since I came in late with the Nemica wave. Maybe if these do well we'll see some of the translucents come back?

  5. Matt, Marc, all of you other crazy people who pulled it off to release something Christmas days, if I had a hat I would tip it in your general vicinity.

    It's incredibly awesome that the old figures are back and at such a cheap price. You guys treat us fans too well to go this far to do things.

  6. Wow, what a Christmas treat!

    I can't think of another toy company that is so generous to it's fans. Thank you Matt, Michelle, Megan, Marcus, Jesse & anyone who's helped bring about these toys to the fans.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Thanks for the feedback guys (fixed that lil glitch).

    The trick to easy customizing is to do one character at a time, as they will always move back in place when changing sprites. More updates to come that will adjust this, as well as more colorways and secrets!

  8. Amazing! I needed some custom fodder! Thanks for the holiday surprise!

  9. I never got the chance to own an Aves or a Gear's Edge. I've been through too many Hypers to count (ah, cats and customs for friends), and my original Pheyden made a nice lil' gift for someone.

    This is wonderful, guys. Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I'll have to check out the new section a little later...but I'm sure it's just as awesome as always, Marc!

  10. This is awesome!! I especially love the passcode archive, and being able to play all the old versions. The only problem is my kids bugged me to play the passcode (whatever the current version was) every single day, now they will be bugging to get on the computer 100 times more!!!

    Thanks it makes the Glyos site that much more of a fun destination for them! Keep up the great work!

  11. Woooo HOOOOO!!!!
    What an awesome Christmas
    surprise!! Aves Exellis
    available and only for
    $4 Yowzah!! I picked one
    up for me and one for
    monsterforge who isn't
    near his computer right
    now. Thank you so much
    Matt for making the 4
    original figures available
    for us. What a treat :D


  12. Ho ho ho - holy cow!
    The magic never seems to stop flowing.
    The force is strong in these dude.

    Happy holidays!

  13. I'm dumbstruck that you're offering these classic figures for $4. Truly, all those involved in Onell Design are wonderful humans.

    And you guys must be so wiped out -- after getting the Ayosire wave shipped by Christmas, you've found energy to hit us with these sweet gifts? Amazing.

  14. oh... so sweet... finally an aves, gear's edge and mark I standard (actually.. would these be classified as mark I?)

    and a way to rewatch the older passcodes.. it's great watching all of them together..

    goodness abound!

    hope your holidays were the best guys!

  15. Just....Thank you. Thank you so much.

  16. I'm happy I got to order some older figs I didnt have. Also got my Deliver conf :) they are on there way

  17. just looking at a picture of those old figures makes my fingers want to bleed

  18. ya they are so sick i got one of each and 3 of gears pheyden