Status Report

Thank you to everyone out there that joined in the mayhem of this "Ayosire" wave! Each time we roll new stuff out, there is always a level of uncertainty, until we are blown away by the response from the amazing group of people that keep us going -all of you. Our deepest gratitude can't come close to measuring how psyched we are that you guys enjoyed the new stuff. It means everything to all of us here at Onell, and to me very personally, that this project makes you all happy and satisfied, and maybe sparks your own creativity to join in on the craziness. Our apologies that the glow Armodoc and Rusty Gobon went too quick, but new versions are coming up soon and that glow Armo will definitely be back. The Dimension Drifters Custom Corps went past the 60 figures pretty quickly, so to make up for the fast turn around on the other stuff I extended the count -to the tune of 102 figures and counting. If anyone wants to grab one of these, it would be good to do it by tomorrow morning, as I can't finish any more than what's now been sold and still get all this stuff shipped this week. Yes, believe it or not, Mr. Lateness has most of this stuff ready to go. Things will start hitting the post this Thursday and Friday via the usual Priority Mail method. Everybody should get their tracking numbers when we do the postage online. Thanks again for everything and for the tremendous turn out, you all are literally the reason we are allowed to continue doing this. Our best to each and every one of you.


  1. hey.. thank YOU guys for continuing to roll out awesome new colorways and variations and characters...

    not to mention the work marc and disaterpeace go through for the amazing passcodes.

    I can't wait for the powered armo to come back.

    and I can't wait to see what awaits in the new custom corps

    looking forward to the real x head wave...

  2. You guys are the best toy makers out there.
    I love the heart and soul of the line. I am buying artwork here!

  3. Honestly, thank you so much for bringing such awesome toys to life! I'm SO glad i was able to try out Gylos, and SOOOOO glad that I found exactly what i was looking for in a toyline (consistency, generous and creative toymakers, and such a loyal fanbase, to name a few!). You did outstanding work with this wave and all waves you've come out with!

  4. What I love best about Glyos is how every wave never ceases to surprise me. I can't wait to see what the future has in store, and I know that I would never be able to guess.

  5. Shipping out this week? Blazes, Matt...you are a king of kings. Seriously, you, Marc, and the whole Onell crew just inspire with your sheer dedication, creativity, and generosity. Honestly, it's not every day someone gets to help someone live their dream...I'm honored to be a part of that, each and every time.

    And, as a side note: yellow Sarvos? Ah, the excitement for my CC figures builds...

  6. Are the photos above of
    some of the Custom Corps
    this round? If so, will
    there be any more Chaos Glyos
    figures in the future?

  7. The pics you see are from this Dimension Drifters CC. The Chaos is an advance copy of what the RealXHead CC will look like. The little Chaos Troopers will have some clear eyes inserted like the photo. Hoping to release the RealXHead Custom Corps at the same time we release Pheyaos and the mini Pheyden/Sarvos. It will be RealXHead time in the Glyos world! It's looking like late January/early February for this all to go down.

  8. Thank you for the info
    on the coming RealXHead CC.
    The photo looks great :D

  9. I'm so glad that each wave you guys release is a big hit. I know I am always blown away by the creativity and quality that comes out of Onell Design. Lookin forward to getting my share of this new batch! CC 1.1 looks awesome!! The new Chaos Troopers look dope!! Can't wait for RealXHead CC and Pheyaos!!

    If everything ships this week and we get 'em around Xmas, I will jump for joy!!

  10. Ooo Chaos Trooper looks stellar. I'm looking forward to my order especially the drifters. I am curious as to who gets he cloaks.

    Chiming in with the majority, I also appreciate the hard work and effort put into the toys and passcode by you, Marc, Rich, Michelle, and everybody else. Damn good job.

  11. Great job on this entire release. As usual. Nice stocking more CC. If it wasnt so close to christmas I probably would have gotten more. But glad I got what I got. Great news on the RXH releases. Jan/feb cant come fast enough. Cant wait to get a box with that stuff in it from you. :)Never thought Pheyaos would be a US release. I am so stoked

  12. Although I missed a chunk of what I would have liked to have picked up, the new line still had plenty for me to choose from and playing through the latest "Passcode" was a pleasure in itself (I admittedly cheat by breaking out my Wacom to tap through the game faster and more accurately). Stoked for the next wave!

  13. o wow i wish i got one and wen is the next custom corps coming