A Phanosty Release

The new stuff is ready to go! After the mayhem of the last release, we wanted to make sure we covered everything before announcing a definitive drop time, because we suspect we may actually receive a letter bomb this time if we have problems again. Seriously, this wave will be much simpler and smaller and will be going live tomorrow, Saturday June 5th at 3PM EST. Here's the lineup:

Caliber Dome (reconfigured light blue Callgrim) - $10 USD
Onell Design's very first Callgrim crossover release! Thanks Jesse!

Morphisar Conversion Set - $20 USD.
47 parts (includes 1 light blue Callgrim, 2 light blue Phase Arms, 2 light blue Gobon Blasters, 4 light gray clear Wheels, 1 gray Phanost head, 1 light blue Sarvos head, 1 light blue Phanost head, 1 light blue Phanost chest, 1 light blue Phanost pelvis and 1 gray Callgrim head)

Each Morphisar will actually ship in one of 3 formations -DSR Dome, Dome Runner or a Phanost Clone with Roller Pack. This is a major mash up and gets you a ton of special parts in one shot.

General Phanost Custom Corps - $25 USD
Limit 2 per customer (there are a lot less in this wave)
This is a limited run of special hand dyed and built up versions of Phanost that follows his transformation into his new form! The figures will be sold blind bagged. The assortment is split up into 4 basic styles: General Phanost Standard run, General Phanost Altervoth run, Phase Armor MK III Phanost gradient run and a special fourth type that will remain a secret until a little later.

Each figure has a mashup of parts and multiple dye applications (the Phase Armor styles were extra challenging to make). This marks the first time we've crossed parts with Callgrim for a CC release!

The last thing dropping is something that we've been toying around with for some time. It's called the Randomizer, and when you grab something from this new section you will have a chance at getting an older PVC production character from our figure archives! This means that anything we've released up until this point may appear in your order. This has been made possible after doing a big cleaning of the area over here and discovering some oldies but goodies. Plus I'm personally contributing some of my extras so that maybe some of you new guys can have a shot at the older styles without paying too much. To add some extra juice there are also 2 new styles that have never been released before included in this roll out. One of them consists of the parts that would make him the Reverse of the old Andromeda Pheyden released years ago. So we hope there is something for everyone with the Randomizer (a custom will pop up in an order from time to time as well). The Randomizer figures will be sold blind bagged at $8 USD each.

To pull everything together for this mini drop, we will also be adding some new content to the Glyaxia game! More players to choose from and even a secret level to discover. Be on the lookout for a particular skullfaced merc doing some illegal things on that put upon planet, Rilleco.

Speaking of our favorite merc, Callgrim's next big release is looking great and Jesse has been one busy man. The new figure colors are really just awesome and the new artwork is completely on point as always. He's still lining up a definitive drop date and when it does come time, there will be a healthy assortment of fresh product available.

As far as new stuff coming down the road from us, we have a big wave drop around SDCC time and multiple figures with RXH ready to pop up very soon (maybe even this month). Also, the all new vinyl piece is in pre-production and hopefully we'll see something in time for SDCC.
Well, that was a beast of an entry. Thanks for reading such a text mountain!


  1. Amazing stuff, Matt! Hope I'll be able get online around drop time. Man, each release is cooler than the one before. Again, I think you've outdone yourself.

  2. I love the Randomizer (hoping to get a new/ custom figure), and the Morphisar set (great building potential).

    Another great drop & a hurting Wallet

    Wish it could have been later in the night, I don't want to miss out on anything again.

  3. will they be in the store or do i have to e mail matt?

  4. Can't wait, I should get off work just in time to get home and hopefully get what I want in cart and checked out.

  5. The randomizer is basically what I've wanted for a long time: Blind-bagged Glyos figures. This is really great and I'll be sure to pick one up! Can't wait!

  6. Good Luck on the Drop Matt, I hope everything runs smoothly for you.

    We are really bummed because this is the first release since we started 1.5 years ago that we can't get anything. No General, Morphisar Dome or Randomizer...

    Maybe when you get a chance you can post some better pictures of the General and Morphisar (car and wing configuration) so we can build our own.

    We will be watching and playing the passcode though. :o)

    Thanks for everything you do for all of us fans!!

  7. I hope the figures drop soon! I only have a few more minutes before I have to leave! Please be on time this round Matt!

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  9. will the guys be in the store?

  10. tyler, watch the blog for an update and directions.

  11. Don't be alarmed if it's in a secluded area in the woods.

    Also I really hope it's soon or my bowels will explode and infect my entire digestive system.

    Please for my intestinal health.

  12. there in the store just got the 20$ one hope you guys get what you want

  13. i hope the randomizer lasts long