Attack on Altervoth

Head over to Callgrim.com and check out the new round of Callgrim and Order figures! Jesse has all new Warp Packs as well as new Phase Arm sets to beef up the troops in his shop.

We hope you guys have fun playing the new chapter of Glyaxia and enjoy controlling Callgrim as he exacts revenge on Phanost and his Altervoth army. It was a lot of fun teaming up for this release and we can't wait to do it again! Awesome work Jesse!


  1. ah... such good stuff... *waving goodbye to more money*

    awesome new game.. I love the mix of 8-bit and Jesse's art...

  2. Another great release & hit game from the Onell/ Callgrim crew.

  3. Oh yeah, Matt, can we PLEASE get this Pheyden (the Orange/ Blue combo of Dominus looks great)