Presidential Duties

We are once again preparing for the trip out to SDCC, and like last year, we want to offer some special things to all you guys who may not be attending. It can be frustrating deciding on what cons to go to, as the price of just about everything climbs higher each year. With this in mind, we want to send a huge thank you out to everybody who keeps us alive all year long.
So over the coming weeks some unique stuff will be available strictly through the site and blog -and not at SDCC.

First up is a very limited edition of Armodocs painted up by the master, Matt Walker AKA Dead Presidents Designs. This will be the first round of painted Armodocs available through the Custom Corps project and Matt did a awesome job pushing the applications on them. Think of it as a pre SDCC CC! As usual, the photos don't do the figures justice, but you get a taste of what he's done. The Armodocs will be blind bagged and run $60 USD. The gates open on Sunday (July 11th) at 6PM EST. More pics tomorrow.

Following the custom Armodocs will be another NON-CON exclusive, available the week of SDCC. More details on this soon!

Then in August we will be dropping the next big assortment of stuff, including an all new Passcode and a particular Pheyden that I've wanted to do since we started this! Some other big secret surprises are also in store (don't want to jinx them). There are a few curve balls that are waiting to be thrown as well.

We hope to catch up with some of you at SDCC. Booth #4937 is where we'll be, with a truly international group of amazing artists and friends.


  1. So very awesome as Usual from Mr Walker! I like the blind box CC for these. You cant lose with any one of them. Wish I could go to SDCC to see you guys. I would love to be at your table with all the different collabs you have. I am interested in what you will be doin with Uamou I mean UaGRIMou. I guess I will just have to wait to see you at NYCC :-D

  2. I'd love to be at your booth at SDCC, but I guess the non-Con exclusive will have to do. I am intrigued by the Pheyden that's showing up in Aug & the other secrets/ curveballs

  3. Hey guys, I wish you were going as well. We'll have fun at the NYCC though. That should be a good one.
    That special Pheyden dates back on the blog from the early days.
    One of the big curve balls might just be another special CC that features the work of customizing juggernaut, Hellopike!
    He has created some unbelievable things for his CC. Between him and Walker, we are all lucky devils!

  4. Man, rougher still, SDCC happens the weekend of my birthday. Maybe one year, I'll have the cash to make it out there...

    Glad to hear that Phil's work is getting the official CC stamp! As for the Pheyden, I'm willing to bet that it's the Gear's Edge Scar, though I've been wrong before. Can't wait to see what's gonna come down the pike, heh...

  5. Excited for so much this month! I hope we also see a gallery of all the armodocs soon after they are released, like Chaos Invasion. Maybe some galleries of the other past CCs as well, pretty please?

  6. So sick. Hope I can grab 1 on Sunday.

  7. I take there's a limit of one on these?

    I know Mr. Walker was saying something about making 25 more after that last batch of 10 he put on his store but is that the number of figs for this CC?

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