Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas

Where do giant city-crushing monsters, super-sized freedom fighting plantains, intergalactic insects, and a diabolical mad doctor do Battel for control of the Universe? KAIJU BIG BATTEL, a top-secret monster fighting tournament where the most powerful forces in the galaxy meet to wage war in a tournament-style spectacle held in a squared circle with miniature cityscapes, oversized Japanese monster-movie props and other surprises. After sold-out East Coast Battels, Kaiju Big Battel is set to make its Las Vegas debut with its largest, most elaborate event ever- Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas!- at the Plaza Hotel & Casino on June 3, 2011. Come experience the national cult phenomenon known as Kaiju Big Batttel as a hoard of monsters, aliens, and Heroes conspire to bring the city of Las Vegas to its knees through urban destruction, white-knuckled action, and seismic surprises. Leveling Las Vegas! will also feature Kaiju Jumbotrons, the patented Kaiju Big Ring, and over 40 blocks of crushable cityscape.

The Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV - doors: 8pm, show: 9pm PST

The schedule of events for Leveling Las Vegas!:

- Super fun Kaiju slide-show

- Introductory Video Feature "What Is Kaiju?"

- Battel 1: "Dusto Bunny vs Grudyin"

- Battel 2: "Sun Buster vs Hell Monkey"

- Battel 3: "Yarsminko vs Cycloptopuss"

- Battel 4: "Pheyden vs Kyolulo"

- Battel 5: "Mystery Hero Re-Debut Battel: ??? vs ???"

- Battel 6: "Uchu Chu vs Unibouzu"

- Battel 7: Kaiju Championship Belt Contest: "American Beetle vs Number 13"


  1. Please be sure to get lots of pics.

  2. It's TONIGHT?? Hmm. I wonder if I can get to Vegas from Pittsburgh in 45 minutes......