Strange Visitors

Recently I was fortunate enough to get some time with a few of the original Outer Space Men, thanks to a visit from good old Doctorkent. The Doc had come across an incredible collection in his travels and ended up scoring a pile of toy grails when he closed the deal. One really interesting thing that we both were unaware of was that the vintage Colossus Rex actually had a pretty noticeable variant. Not just a tiny tweak, but an entirely different paint finish and even different color eyes. So not only did the Doc find a treasure chest of late 60's toy gold, he also happened to grab both Rex variants in one shot! Toy Karma at work.

Another great part of this soon to be legendary haul was the original Xodiac, missing his helmet and accessories. Even without all the trimmings, Xodiac is a killer figure. This character is quite the unique design, showcasing Mel Birnkrant's attention to character development and all around original vibe as an artist. When compared to the new Four Horsemen version you can really see how incredibly talented those guys are, capturing the gesture and basic feel of the original while adding just enough spice to make the smaller scale work. I bow to the Horsemen's sculpting power!

I want to thank John "Doctorkent" Kent for letting me play around with his newest acquisitions, it was really something to hold those old toys again and fall deeper under the OSM spell that Mel and the Horsemen continue to cast.

One last detail, the Doc left me with the variant Colossus Rex, so now I can scratch that off my Bucket List. Thanks again John, I'll take damn good care of the little bugger.


  1. Wow. Doctor Kent is a world class toy collector isn't he?

  2. Amazing paint on that variant. I love that guy!

  3. The more I see Colossus Rex, the more I dig him. The scaley skin, the fin-ears, the colors- it's a really freakin' awesome design. Next to Gemini & Gamma-X, I'm really looking forward to the glyos version of this character. Congrats on the awesome haul guys! :-D

  4. In the pic of the 2 Rex - one looks blue-ish and the other green-ish. Is this a trick of the light or are the bodies also varied??