Mori Strikes Again!

A brand new round of Pheyaos just arrived from Mori and we are psyched to share them with you guys! These color selections pay homage to some old school editions of RXH as well as the Custom Corps 3.1 we did that had the "VegiBrain" Chaos in it.

The base vinyl on VegiBrain is a sweet yellow with crazy spray work done by the incredible paint master Goto-san. The other Pheyaos, BubbleVein (gross I know), is a neon pink vinyl that also features beautiful spray work by Goto-san.

These two versions of Pheyaos might be my personal favorites up to this point. I love the vibrancy of the bright vinyl and the layers of subtle paint work that have been applied all over these things. Mori and Goto-san really delivered with these two!

Both versions of Pheyaos will be available this Wednesday night, June 29th at 9PM EDT. The price is $35 USD each. Please limit one of each style per customer.

As always , gigantic thanks go to Mori, Goto-san and Datadub for bringing these creatures to life! Excellent work on these new editions!


  1. Awesome stuff. That yellow of the vinyl looks great, cannot wait to have a Vegibrain in the collection.

  2. Which is better!??
    Cherry Mint????

  3. Oooh, another incredible job by Goto-san!

  4. dammit.. I try to stay away from the vinyls... but I really want these.. I hope I'll be able to get one on wednesday... I usually fail...

  5. I didn't on getting one...but my wife saw these, and now she wants a Pink Pheyaos

  6. I really want to get these. The last rxh onell drop you did I missed because I was looking for them in the store and when I realized where the link was they were gone. Hope I have better luck this time.