OSM News

The Four Horsemen's all new Outer Space Men SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase Wave 3 and 4 will be available for PRE-ORDER over at www.storehorsemen.com this Friday night, July 1st, at 9PM EDT! More details at their blog.

These new additions to the expanding line up are looking awesome and have some very cool surprises within their construction. If you like to customize, this assortment offers some great parts to play around with. I've personally had some time with test shots (shown above in black light) and I love them. Hats off to the Horsemen for another set of amazingly sculpted figures!


  1. MJ & I cannot wait! Hope there will be enough available...

    Great stuff bro!


  2. Mels art and these latest sculpts have an incredible style to them. It reminds me so much of french sci-fi illustration, I can't help but love it.

  3. SWEET- this series I have to buy, they just came out so good. Feedback & Kudos for all! ^_^