Alternate Reality

Thanks to a chance encounter with Pheyden long ago, Xodiac learned of the Glyos System and how to travel through the Edge of Space to get there...

After suffering intense damage in pursuit of a rogue Traveler, Pheyden found himself drifting near the Edge of Space. Unable to generate enough energy to warp to safety, he started to fade into the dreaded Edge. Suddenly, from within this nebulous zone, a strange alien, Xodiac, appeared. He offered to save Pheyden in exchange for the Secrets of Glyaxian Technology. Left with no other choice for survival, Pheyden agreed to Xodiac's cosmic deal.

Now, many cycles later in a time of widespread conflict, Xodiac returns to the Glyos System, summoned by his bond to Pheyden and his old alliance with Glyaxia Command....


  1. Hells yeah! I love the little blurb. I hope this guy doesn't sell out too quickly. He's my main focus of this drop. Have you ever considered doing a 3 3/4" Pheyden to go with the OSM? Pheyden, the Man from Glyos, would be killer in that scale.

  2. Thanks man! Eric Treadaway actually gave me something at SDCC that follows in your line of thinking. I was shocked when he surprised me with a completely original take on Pheyden's noggin in fully sculpted form! We are cooking something up which will allow everyone to have a shot at this secret (not so much now) project.
    Pics are in the works!

  3. Explication completed.
    (the best story!)

  4. Wicked story...rings a bell during Kabuto Mushi discussions when you were storytellin' me. ;) MJ & I are droolin' over this Glyos OSM!!! Sooooooooo extremely kewl!