Mission Details

We're back to the regular program after a small break! Spent the last week and a bit with our families and also caught up on the behind the scenes operations. From here on in things should be pretty fun as far as new stuff goes.

Speaking of new stuff, the final assortment of the summer is ready to roll out this Friday, August 26th at 9PM EDT. Here are the details:

United Glyan Forces

-Glyan Relgost Marine Division (Seafoam Green/Grayish Blue) $8
-Glyan Relgost Wing Division (Grayish Blue/Seafoam Green) $8
-Glyan Esedeth Desert Assault Team (Sand/Ochre Brown) $8
-Glyan Esedeth Hostile Environment Team (Ochre Brown/Sand) $8

-Glyan Spectre Division (GITD Green with Light Green visors) $6
-Glyan Classified Division (Black with Gray visors) $6
-Glyan Stealth Division (Clear Colorless with no paint application) $6

Gendrone Revolution

-Argen MK IV (Gold Metallic/Red visors with special tampo printing) $8
-Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary (Gold Metallic/Red visors with special tampo printing) $6

Axis Joint Sets

-Relgost Marine Division Set (Seafoam Green) $4
-Relgost Wing Division Set (Grayish Blue) $4
-Esedeth Desert Assault Team Set (Sand) $4
-Esedeth Hostile Environment Team Set (Ochre Brown) $4
-Gold Metallic Set $4
-White Set (Restock) $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Sets

-Relgost Marine Division Set (Seafoam Green) $2
-Relgost Wing Division Set (Grayish Blue) $2
-Esedeth Desert Assault Team Set (Sand) $2
-Esedeth Hostile Environment Team Set (Ochre Brown) $2
-Gold Metallic Set $2


-Heavy Armored Rig - Relgost Wing Divison (features an all new Wing Attachment Configuration) $25

The Outer Space Men

-Xodiac Glyaxia Command Special Edition (Fully Painted in Gray, Black and Light Blue with Clear Colorless Accessories and extra set of "bent" arms, also features a special Glyaxia tampo print on his chest) $12

That's the skinny on what's in store (and in the store) this week!

Special Note - The Glyaxia Xodiac is a triple crossover with the combined forces of Mel Birnkrant and the Four Horsemen. This version of Xodiac is the guest "Traveler" for this wave, helping to train the Glyans to be better soldiers and maybe teach them some Space History 101 from the Milky Way. HUGE thanks to Mel and the 4H for letting us play around with one of their creations, it is truly a dream come true! I am personally crazy about how this figure came out, a true testament to the craftsmanship that those guys put into everything they do.

Thanks for reading this mega mountain of text! More pics as the week continues!


  1. Fantastic!! I can't wait!! Hey, how well do the Ochre Axis joints fit with the old Rig Corp. Traveler/ Sincroids?

  2. Yowza! Can't wait for the new Glyans and Rig!

  3. Yay, this is great news & I'm looking forwards to getting the Glyaxia Xodiac

  4. The new brown is a bit lighter but makes for a good combo with the Rig Corps brown. Kind of a Gear's Edge meets GI Joe Dusty vibe.
    Describing these colors was tough due to the muted tones.
    I keep shifting between which color combos I like the best, but right now I'm stuck on the Relgost guys. I have also been playing with the gold Argen a ton. Something about the gold swirl on this latest batch is strangely satisfying. It has a brighter punch than the old Ballim gold.

  5. Awesome! Looking forward to Friday.

  6. Everything is going to be in the store? No hidden stuff this time 'round, right?

  7. oh man... I'm tapped... I'm going to have to do minimal orders this time around... which just SUCKS... but the spectre and rig wing will be mine... hopefully, I'll be around, I hate trying to order off my phone..

    and I really hope I don't screw up and forget.. missing the green guys hurt

  8. Wow, quite the selection this time around! I'd love to have some gold bits to mess around with, so I hope some of this stuff will be sticking around for some time to come. Can't wait to see the craziness unfold!

  9. Can't wait! So much GREAT stuff!