Real Type Hurricane

The latest round of new stuff is LIVE!
Please refresh onelldesign.com/store and see what's lined up.

These Real Type colored Glyans have been a long time in development and to see them finally make it this far is a bearded fool's small dream come true. Thanks to all of you guys for supporting the creation of our new kid on the intergalactic block. Hopefully he earns a place on the workbench.

This launch is also extra special for us because we have the honor of releasing a special version of Xodiac from the OSM. I personally want to thank Mel and the Four Horsemen once again for letting us do this. It sounds corny, but this is another dream come true. I've loved OSM since I discovered them as a kid and have always wanted to see them represented in different colors and styles. I hope you guys dig the duds we slipped on ol' Xodiac for this run.

Last but not least is the introduction of the Rig Wing. Gigantic thanks go out one more time to the man, Phil Reed, for playing such a crucial role in this new look for the Rig. We definitely have some more variations on tap that we hope keep you interested in our little vinyl cube of strangeness.

Speaking of the Rig, something kind of insane is in development for what we hope is an October release. If you like vintage Transformers then you might like what we have on deck.

Jesse and I will be heading overseas in September to put some time in on a few special projects and then we will be hitting NYCC in October. If everything lands just right and the universe behaves, we should have some pretty interesting new items to debut at the show (and online of course).

Enough of yet another text mountain, we hope you have fun tonight and maybe find something that looks good!


  1. Coool. just orderad and going to bed. 3 AM here.
    Kep the good stuff coming :)

  2. Great drop Matt! Thanks so much, home runs all.

  3. WHOO! Got EVERYTHING I wanted! It's appropriate that this drop had a new Rig, AND Rig Corps colored Axis Joints to upgrade my Gearius! Cannot wait for mine stuff to ship! And I'll see you in NY, man!

  4. Awesome drop! Thanks a bunch in advance for packing and shipping.

  5. This has got to be my favorite drop yet. So much real type! I'm in love with these colors.

  6. Awesome, awesome drop! Can't wait to build with this stuff. And thanks, Michelle, for fixing my boneheaded mistake!