Rig Wings and Mr. Reed

The Rig has received an all new attachment!

Simply called the Rig Wing, this Armored Mechachunk gives the standard Rig a different look and feel. This first addition is due out at the end of this month (August) and is operated by the Relgost Division of the Glyan Forces.

I also wanted to take a moment to share a little background on this new version of the Rig. Months ago when our old friend Phil Reed was in town for a visit, I showed him some sketches of what would inevitably lead to this new Wing part. These scribbles were the result of multiple conversations with Phil about what kind of expansions we would like to see for the Rig in general. Since we both had a love for inverted wing designs, an actual wing became the primary focus for the next step in development. After analyzing tons of reference material from 8-Bit Shooter artwork to the crazy Peacemaker UAV from the old movie Deal of the Century, I landed on, of course, a very Real Type looking armored wing.

Some time at the shop with Ron and then a round at my desk yielded an all new master to send to our crew in China. As I kept Phil updated on what had become a point of interest in our discussions, we both became more anxious to see the final product. So much so, that Phil became a benefactor for the project, contributing funds to the actual tooling process which helped to expedite the process of the full production. Now the new Rigs have finally landed and we could not have done it without Phil's inspiration and generosity. Phil, I can't thank you enough for the endless support you have always shown for what we do over here. This new Rig is dedicated to you my friend.


  1. It looks pretty damn cool. Are the other arms coming with it?

    This is looking like a damn hefty month. Is this going to be the biggest drop yet in regards to different figures (hopefully in production numbers too)?

    Given you're being inspired by Chevy Chase movies, I expect an Armodoc homage to Nell Carter's character from Modern Problems. It would be the greatest figure ever.

  2. Yeah this drop is looking like it will surpass the infamous Glyaxia drop big time.

    Rig with wings looks glorious! Now to get a few and hack them into a Last Starfighter configuration. . .

  3. Oh and someone needs to whisper into your ear at night "Arms with hands for the rig, arms with hands for the rig", over and over. Seriously. If you want I can send sketches.

  4. Three cheers for Phil!

    Just how difficult would it be to drill a new socket for further connections, though? I can imagine the other two "regular" arms being used as missile pods very easily...

  5. Flight Rig.... Ffffffflight Riiiigggg...... Ffffrrrriiiigggggg....

  6. holy freaking gumdrops... I love the rig... I knew the minute you passcoded pictures of the proto that it would be an amazing addition...

    now it has wings... I love that it has wings...

    I love the glyans, I love all the new pieces.. and there are new OSM hitting...

    so much good stuff

  7. Absolutely INCREDIBLE and Phil Reed...well what more can be said about such a great person!!!

    Can't wait!

    Great job guys!


  8. BTW, any chance for a homage to TF JetFire w/ a Team Black Skull tampo instead of the white crossbones? Just curious... ;)

  9. Thanks, guys, but Matt's really being too generous with his praise.

  10. That last shot looks a lot like the Drop Ship from Aliens... and that's a GOOD thing!!!!!

  11. So any news when there drop and will it be the same drop as the OSM repaint to safe on shipping?