Battlegripped Blocks!

On one of our great friend Phil Reed's many trips out this way he showed me a very cool technique that he created in which he can render just about anything in a cool geometric 2-D design style. This approach gives an almost cel-shaded look to whatever he puts his Battlegrip on!

Over the past few days Phil has been posting some awesome renditions of the Block builds that I have been shooting back and forth with him, over on his Battlegrip.com site. These visuals have really done wonders to help "illustrate" (ha!) the Block's potential for those that think I've lost my mind with this project (which I no doubt have).

Thank you Phil for taking the time to create these excellent works of art. They truly add a much needed dimension to understanding what the Block is -even for the goon that made the thing in the first place!


  1. That being said, if the Bludgeoning Block is, indeed, based on an actual rendered custom...

    Actually, all of them are pretty tops for builds. And the colours are a great choice, too!

  2. I love these colored block builds Phil's been drawing. I'm really getting psyched for these blocks & building some of these ships. I love the Cobra B.U.G.G. colorway Rig Runner. And
    Matt if you've lost your mind, I'm right there with you. @_@....

  3. Thanks, guys! And thank you, Matt, for such kind words. I just hope the images kept everyone entertained while they were waiting for pics of your incredible builds.